Planned Parenthood Name Changes

Claudia Stravato, Director, Amarillo Planned Parenthood
Claudia Stravato, Director, Amarillo Planned Parenthood

A Pro-Life organization is claiming credit for recent changes at an Amarillo clinic.

A New Year is bringing a new name for the Amarillo Planned Parenthood health center. Local Planned Parenthood is changing its name to the Texas Panhandle Family Planning and Health Centers. The name change alone is causing debate as to why the change is occurring.

Director Claudia Stravato says the split from the Planned Parenthood Federation helps the clinic better serve our area. "We wanted to remain autonomous be able to say low income women and families and uninsured in the Texas panhandle. Our priority if we merged with the other affiliates then women in the panhandle would no longer be the priority," Stravato said.

American Life League Vice President Jim Sedlak credits the change to pro-life advocates for the changes the clinic is undergoing. "We think it is a significant victory to have planned parenthood out of town in addition to the they don't do surgical or medical abortion they do sell that cause chemical abortion," Sedlak said.

While some say the changes the clinic on Fillmore Street is a huge victory. Claudia Stravato says there's nothing changing and they will provide better services to more people. "Nothing is changing but the name if they're that shallow as to only be objecting to the name then I feel sorry for them and frankly we don't care of if they stop or not," she said.

Sedlak says changing the Planned Parenthood name from the clinic removes a stigma that he says has been hanging over the health center for decades.

Directors of the Texas Family Planning and Health Centers plan to continue with the same services. With hopes of expanding to remote areas through out the Panhandle in the future.