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Alabama couple reunited 1 year after pandemic ended nursing home visits

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave interviews up and coming young meteorologist

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares some good Texas food for those who need home cooked meals

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave congratulates Walt Howard for being inducted to Amarillo High School Hall of Fame

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares future warm temperatures after ‘grueling’ weather

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares how homeless can have shelter and food during chilling weather

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  Texas Highway Patrol Trooper from Pampa recognized with Lifesaving Award for saving choking child

  Good News with ‘Doppler’ Dave: Amarillo couple starts local Prayer Tree

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares Amarillo’s COVID-19 vaccine success story

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shows how gestures of kindness can brighten someones day

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares a story of a 911 operator receiving a Life Saver Award

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave talks about substantial upgrades for future weather events

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave looks back on the year 2020′s positive and uplifting developments

A common activity on New Year’s Eve is to look back and reflect on the highlights and low lights of the year.

President Donald Trump awards Amarillo woman 2020 President’s Volunteer Service Award

Today President Donald Trump awarded Amarillo volunteer Trinity Dennis the 2020 President’s Volunteer Service “PVSA Gold Award” for her logging in “500 and over” volunteer hours for the 2020 year.

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares many changes in his life during the pandemic

Because of the pandemic this year, many people have had to learn new ways of doing things.

  GOOD NEWS: People continue to give for this holiday season

The Christmas season highlights many annual activities including an increase in giving to others.

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave reports back of past Good News stories with updates

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave reflects on the contributions and sacrifices on our veterans

  GoFundMe account over $127K for single father who adopted 5 children

  Single father adopts five children on Adoption Day

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave introduces a new member of the Newschannel10 family

  GOOD NEWS: Weather team gets new storm chase vehicle

  GOOD NEWS: Amarillo man has drastic turnaround in COVID-19 battle

Life is getting back to normal for Rodney Shivers and his wife Nicole after a lengthy battle with COVID-19.

  GOOD NEWS: Christmas season comes early for 6-year-old Hunsley as family will be leaving for her bone marrow transplant

The Strickland family from Happy is about to take a long trip. Although, instead of a family vacation, this trip is for medical reasons.

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave encourages you to apply for tornado shelter funding

Living in an area prone to outbreaks of severe storms and tornadoes, chances are good that at some point you have had to take shelter from a serious weather threat.

  GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares resources for prostate cancer screenings

The Friends of Fogelberg hosts a benefit concert every year and promotes a free cancer screening for men.

  GOOD NEWS: Tri-State Fair is much more than just a fun event

Tomorrow was to be the start of the Tri-State Fair, a fun week filled with rides, games, exhibits and fair food.

  Good News: Leaders Readers Network working to spark love for reading and learning in Tx Panhandle students

An historical quote from Frederick Douglas states that when a person learns to read, he or she will then be free forever.

  GOOD NEWS: Friendly people in the Tx Panhandle

Have you ever noticed just how friendly the people in this area are?

  Good News: Oklahoma girl wins White House art contest, meets Melania Trump

As part of the centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment ratification, giving women the right to vote, First Lady Melania Trump and the White House launched an art contest for girls from all 50 states to be included in a special exhibit at the White House called “Building the Movement.”

  Good News: Don’t be surprised to see hummingbirds in Amarillo this summer

There are roughly 900 bird species in North America, but when it comes to a favorite, for many people it’s the hummingbird.

  Good News: Man working to help families with medical debt

Financial distress on people hit with mounting medical debt is on the rise and can be an extreme burden on families. There is, however, an effort to lift that burden.

  Good News: Amarillo woman donates time and efforts making over 2,000 masks for the community

Many aspects of life are different lately, and wearing a mask has become a routine addition. With so much beyond our control, it is one way we can be proactive and contribute to a common goal.

  Texas teen with Tourette’s chooses to confront bullies, leaves a lasting, positive impact

Witnessing someone rise to the occasion and courageously prevail over difficult circumstances can be inspirational to us all.

  Amarillo native aboard Navy ship setting new record for number of days at sea

Rhiannon Sellinger, an Amarillo native, is a Sailor aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhauer. She is an aviation electrician and works on F-18s. She is currently on her second deployment.

  Good News: Amarillo family pie recipe proven to bring rain during a drought

Until just a few days ago, Amarillo was dry, really dry.

  Good News: Pete’s Greenhouse brings gardening to senior citizens sheltering in place

Summertime and the joy of flowers just go hand in hand unless you are shut in and don’t have access to flowers.

  Doppler Dave checks driving a combine, harvesting wheat off his bucket list

Times have been different lately, there are a lot of places I don’t go and things I don’t do like I used to, but I am trying to use my time productively.

  Amarillo family spreading joy for children, parents during quarantine

If you have been by the house on Hughes, you have probably seen the bears. Today they are taking a ride in a Super Mario car, but it is something different every day.

  Graduation ceremonies were made special despite difficult circumstances

Area graduates have seen some unusual school endings due to pandemic related issues this year, but there are many uplifting graduation stories to share.

  GOOD NEWS: Acts of generosity bring good news during COVID-19 pandemic

Recently, we have found examples of generosity, appreciation of those who bless us and stories of triumph.

  Good News: Positive stories come to light during coronavirus outbreak

In this latest week of sheltering and social distancing, some positive stories have emerged.

  Good news throughout Amarillo despite many coronavirus restrictions

Good News with Doppler Dave

  Good news during a global pandemic

I continue to find plenty of good news nuggets as I look around. Here are a few from this past week.

  Good news breaks through during difficult times

Folks in our area continue to rally together to meet all kinds of needs.

West Texas family celebrates 104th birthday through window at nursing home

This year, Odee Kemp’s birthday is just a little different. She turns 104 today, April 7. She is celebrating, but is doing so without her friends and family in the room with her.

Infant officially gets new family through virtual adoption in Lubbock

The first “virtual adoption” in Lubbock County took place Friday morning via Zoom.

  Good news continues to flood in during difficult times

For many people, life has been a little less certain lately with disruptions to routines and new concerns about the future. In this new environment it seems that good news is even more refreshing.

  Good news during a difficult time

As we have all experienced in recent weeks, much of the news on the worldwide stage, and even locally, has been rather concerning. In this environment, many positive stories may tend to go unnoticed.

  3rd graders work to raise money for their friend fighting second round of cancer

When difficult circumstances affect people, it’s often children that step up to lend assistance.

  Ronald McDonald House of Amarillo breaks ground on new facility

Ground was broken today, officially beginning the construction phase of the new Ronald McDonald House of Amarillo.

  Remembering the 1970 Amarillo High School Fire

As the decades come and go, tragic events are often marked by anniversaries.

  Good News with Dave: Texhoma students organize drive your tractor to school day

Good News with Dave: At Texhoma High School, today was drive your farm equipment to school day.

  Good News with Dave: Amarillo Police Corporal finishes chemo treatments just in time for delivery of his first baby

To say the last nine months has been eventful for police corporal Mike Vigil would be quite an understatement.

  ‘It’s all about early detection’: Doppler Dave’s message as he announces cancer battle

In most cases, prostate cancer can be successfully detected if caught in its early stages.

  Good News with Dave: Players show the ultimate sportsmanship

School spirit and the atmosphere of competition can be intense at sporting events during Junior High and High school years.

  Good News with Dave: A deep breath for a miracle cure

Many People suffering from terminal illnesses live their lives waiting for a medical breakthrough that can bring hope to their situation.

  Good news with Dave: Attorney still practicing law at 100 years of age

Tom Morris is still practicing law at 100 years of age, and I met Tom at his 100th birthday party this week. And believe me, he’s a friendly counselor.

  Good News with Dave: Veteran Artist overcomes challenges, wins award

Many veterans returning home from military situations find the transition back into civilian life difficult and need healthy ways to cope with their struggles.

  Good news with Dave: Good News just keeps getting better

I’m often asked if I keep up with the individuals that appear in some of the Good News segments.

  Good news with Dave: BSA bakers giving out smiles one cake at a time

Kids love birthdays, and probably one of the last places they would like to be on that special day is in the hospital, but that’s when a special task force that BSA hospital jumps into action.

  Good News with Dave: Bushland Difference Makers

A group of high school students from Bushland is working on a community service project.

  Good News with Dave: volunteers welcome South Georgia students every day

It is a cold and wet windswept morning here in Amarillo, and you got to get the kids to school.

  Good News with Dave: Boy Scout is honoring the unknown and their unmarked graves

Edith Parks was born in 1897, and at the age of 21 succumbed to influenza and died in the Miami area.

  Good News With Dave: Precipitation Research at WTAMU could bring many benefits to the High Plains

It can be fascinating to watch the formation of clouds in the sky. Personally, the big billowing clouds that develop into storms in the warm season or snow in the winter.

  Good news with Dave: mother and daughter meet for the first time

Family gatherings can be fun and exciting.

  Good news: Caprock High School exploring gardening to teach science and math

It’s been said that gardening is good for the soul, and at Caprock High School it’s been discovered that it’s also useful for education.

Louisiana teen surprises younger brother in silly costumes every day at bus stop

In a hilarious display of sibling love, one big brother is making memories before heading off to college.

  Doppler Dave’s Good News Gang volunteer program expanding, seeking volunteers

Last school year, we introduced the Good News Gang, a group of volunteers that helped children with reading skills at Rolling Hills Elementary.

  Good News: Author uses wooden crafts to help inspire others in tough times

Mark Phillips enjoys making wooden crafts. It’s a past time that developed during a tough stage of his life when he was nearly killed in an accident.

  GOOD NEWS: Community turns tragedy into opportunity

Sometimes events that seem to end tragically actually serve as the beginning of new and amazing stories.

  GOOD NEWS: Amarillo residents remember the Apollo 11 moon landing mission

50 years ago our nation came together and rallied behind one of the most amazing technological accomplishments in modern times.

  GOOD NEWS: Teen farmer harvests first wheat crop

You might recall Wyatt Mary, the 15-year-old farmer who was the subject of one of my good news stories a few months ago, when he planted 75 acres a week.

Good News: Couple overcomes medical diagnosis despite odds

In her book “Walking in Love,” Megan tells the story of just that - the miracle that restored her husband to health, paved the way for their marriage and now even a family, after the birth of their daughter.

  Good News with Doppler Dave: The treasure of advice and wisdom from the older generation

For some of the best wisdom and advice, you need look no further than our own senior generation.

  Good News with Doppler Dave: Area cafe keeping spirit of Route 66 alive

Attracting visitors from all over the nation and all over the world, MidPoint Cafe seems to keep the spirit of Route 66 alive with their atmosphere and pies.

  Good News with Doppler Dave: WWII vet’s 1955 Ford restored for his 99th birthday

Walt celebrated his 99th birthday last weekend and along with cake and time with family, he received something he hadn’t touched in 47 years--his 1955 Ford.

  Good News with Doppler Dave: St. Andrews educational project leads to unexpected blessing

What started off as an educational project led to an unexpected blessing for a special person here in Amarillo.

  Good News with Doppler Dave: Amarillo teacher shows no sign of slowing down after 42 years

Way before the first school bus arrives at the parking lot or long before the first student takes his/her seat or even before the custodial staff arrives here, there is already a presence because of a special teacher ready to start the day.

  Firefighter adopts dog named ‘Lucky’ saved from sinkhole

An Amarillo firefighter has adopted a dog that he helped rescue from a sinkhole.