Regional behavioral health study underway for New Mexico residents to receive mental health treatment

Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 5:53 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A feasibility study is underway for a regional behavioral health facility.

Initium Health, a Denver-based consulting firm is partnering with New Mexico officials to address the ongoing mental health treatment needs of the community.

Initium Health is a public benefit corporation committed to improving human health.

The cities of Clovis, Portales, the village of Fort Sumner, and the counties of Curry, De Baca, Roosevelt, and Quay County are joining together to complete the study.

The study is addressing the ability to provide care for mental health, substance use disorders, and the unmet need for services in Southeastern New Mexico.

Clovis County Assistant City Manager, Clair Burroughes says that by participating in this study it will help to address the needs of the community.

“Initium Health is going to give us some responses in regard to the new information that we need to know about the situation regarding mental health in our area. This is an area that’s been a great concern to us for some time now. Many adults are impacted by mental health challenges. We wanted just see what we can do to address those challenges in our region by coming together collectively to assist,” says Borroughes.

Right now, New Mexico residents must travel several hours to receive inpatient mental health care.

“If people are needing help, especially inpatient help have to travel long distances away from Clovis and our area in order to receive that help. By potentially having a facility here inpatient and outpatient facility that would really help people in need,” says Borroughes.

The City Manager of Roosevelt County, Amber Hamilton, says that many New Mexico residents cannot get the treatment that they need to take care of their mental health.

“If it takes all of us working together to figure out how to successfully build a facility and then be able to recruit providers into our area to meet those needs that’s what it’s all about, really meeting the needs of our residents,” says Hamilton.

Initium Health will assess the gaps in behavioral health services and help to provide recommendations for the construction of a regional facility to be made.

Dr. Laura Bergroth, Initium Health Physician Consultant says, “They deserve the same level of care and treatment as individuals, there’s no reason that their location should determine the quality and care that they receive.”

Initium Health is working closely with local healthcare providers, city and county officials, military representatives, first responders, law enforcement, and schools to help develop a better understanding of behavioral health needs.

James Corbett, Principal of Initium Health says that rural areas are a target for their services.

“Across the country we see that in rural pockets those resources haven’t come there. In some respects, understanding that putting resources in larger cities like Albuquerque and we know they need some as well, but while we support larger environments, we cannot leave rural communities behind,” says Corbett.

“For me I love to see that we’re seeing the bigger picture and do something more efficiently and effectively and try to really accomplish something that is in such high need in our area,” says Hamilton.

The study officially launched January 14, and is expected to conclude by April 30.

Community members of the respective cities and counties are welcome to share their perspectives on mental health and substance use disorders for the study.

Individuals who are interested can share their perspective with Initium Health Senior Consultant, Kate Bailey.

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