New Neighbor ‘HUB’ program introduced to adults ages 50 and older

Neighbor ‘Hub’ program is a virtual, online community that connects active adults 50 and up

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - To help stay connected with the community the Amarillo Parks and Recreation Department introduces Neighbor ‘HUB’ program.

The Neighbor ‘Hub’ program is a virtual online community that connects active adults 50 and up and their families with relevant information, activities, entertainment and vital resources around Amarillo.

The Amarillo Parks and Recreation department collaborated with three foundations to develop and deliver an infrastructure and programming plan for senior services in Amarillo.

“Our focus was how we could connect all of our seniors. And first of all we decided that they were not going to be called seniors, they are called active adults. Because we have found that most of our folks, 50 and over, don’t like to be called seniors,” explains Amarillo Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator Joslyn Harney.

Neighbor “HUB” is geared for active adults that want to be able to stay connected with the community. The ‘HUB’ is a website you can access from any internet browser that has a calendar of activities each day, showing you different places to play dominoes, quilting groups, play pool and much more.

After using the Neighbor ‘Hub’ website for a few minutes, former City Commissioner Daniel Martinez was very impressed.

“It’s very easy to navigate and a plethora of information. I didn’t realize there are so many things happening in Amarillo and around us. So, I think you would be very hard pressed to be bored if you are looking for activities and most of them are free,” says Martinez.

From a ton of free activities, to being able to find the best vet for your furry friend, to finding the best healthcare for adults over 50, the website offers it all.

“The website is fantastic. Any information that a senior would need for any reason, for any occasion, this website has it. It’s user-friendly and a wealth of knowledge and information,” explains President of North Heights Advisory Association Mildred Darton.

Neighbor ‘HUB’ website:

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