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Area adoption agency expands to meet demand

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Amarillo, TX - An area adoption agency is expanding to meet the increased demand, meaning more services will now be provided.

Special Delivery Infant Adoption Agency is a Christian non-profit that has been in Amarillo for over six years.

For the first time they are serving people from all over West Texas and even as far as Dallas.

Now they have the space to accommodate them.

Meet 3 year old Evie.

She was adopted in 2009 and it's a moment her mother says she'll never forget.

"She's a spitball, she is full of energy and fire and love," says Jayme Bledsoe, adoptive parent.

But the process hasn't been easy, that's why Special Delivery works to provide support and now, they'll be able to offer even more.

"How to raise an adoptive child, if that's different from raising a biological child and how to integrate that child into the home if they're a bi-racial child. So I think expanding here to have classes, to do parenting classes and to educate our couples and sometimes the community, is going to be a big blessing for couples looking to adopt," says Cindy Gilliland, Special Delivery Infant Adoption Agency.

As well as provide orientations, support groups and allow for more privacy for match meetings.

"Just the experience from other people you know, the old saying is true 'it takes a village to raise a child.' You need every mommy and daddy's advice on you know, other couples that say adopted two years before you," says Jayme Bledsoe, adoptive parent.

But these type of resources aren't just for adoptive parents and birth mothers, the benefits are far-reaching.

"You know, just being around other adopted children is really good for them because they know they're not alone. They're all just normal, everyday kids and they have a lot in common. They have parents that chose them and chose to love them and give them a full life," says Jayme Bledsoe, adoptive parent.

If you interested on being a birth mother or an adoptive parent call Special Delivery at 806-367-6755.

They will now provide their services in the Upreach Center located at 1500 South Jackson in Amarillo.