Good News With Doppler Dave

  Teacher cuts waist-length hair to support 5-year-old girl bullied for short haircut

After a 5-year-old in Texas got her hair cut, her friends started calling her a boy, and she began wearing a hat to school. But her teacher’s kind gesture changed everything.

  Good News with Doppler Dave: 30 minutes to make a difference

Good News with Dave: Atmos Energy shares the warmth this winter

For the first time in 35 years, no children were murdered in Sacramento, CA, last year

Good News with Dave: Enjoy some food and fun at Amarillo’s food trucks

Boy, 9, saves grandfather’s life during diabetic episode

Santa honors boy’s Christmas wish by bringing $1,200 for cancer research

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  Holly, jolly Christmas: Employees to receive $20,000 in bonuses from Michigan company

Doctors baffled after 11-year-old girl’s brain tumor disappears

Good News with Dave: A 67-year-old college grad proves new life can begin at any stage of life

Combat veteran, wife donate all their belongings to firefighters affected by California wildfires

Homeless man turns in $17,000 he found outside food bank

Boy, 9, gets Colorado town to legalize snowball fights

  Good News with Dave: Some people have all the luck

In this week’s “Good News With Doppler Dave” we hear the story of one lucky person who decided to use her good fortune to honor someone else.

Pregnant woman battling cancer finds perfect bone marrow match

Almost 40,000 people registered to help the soon-to-be mother of five find her 100 percent bone marrow donor match.

Teacher donates kidney to stranger after seeing social media photo

Since their surgeries, the two former strangers have become very close and talk every day, checking in on each other’s recovery.

Good Samaritan saves choking baby during Thanksgiving meal at Golden Corral

The baby's family panicked when the 7-month-old started choking on mashed potatoes, but a fellow restaurant customer managed to save the little girl.

Man finds human ashes on ground at MI car wash, returns them to family

Good News with Dave: Some of Amarillo’s road construction ends just in time for the holidays

A Vietnam veteran died with no family, so other vets stepped up to remember him

Good News with Dave: First generation students blaze a new trail

Good News with Dave: The Panhandle receives a one-of-a-kind Autumn

Good News with Dave: Thankful for the NewsChannel10 weather team

  Good News with Dave: Rain is good for everybody

After going so many months straight without rainfall, lately we are hardly going a day without rainfall and this thirsty country is benefiting greatly.

AL girl gives up birthday party to feed the homeless

At first glance, Kayla Glover is your ordinary 8-year-old. However, once you spend some time with Kayla, you realize she’s far from ordinary.

Good News: ‘Sunshine Cottages’ provide hope and opportunity with nearly 100 percent success rate

Jessica Welch is a successful registered nurse and being recognized as one of the top 25 nurses by the Panhandle Nurses Association. She loves her job, her kids are doing well, but while the story is currently bright it actually begins at a time when her outlook was rather dim.

Positively WAVE: Man mowing lawns across America cuts grass for Louisville family

Rodney Smith Jr. says this started small, lending a helping hand to someone who couldn’t finish mowing the lawn, but has since transformed in a way to help people around the country doing the same.

Girl Scouts’ Camp Kiwanis celebrates 90 years

Scout leaders and scouts arScout leaders and scouts are celebrating almost 100 years of a historic campground in the Panhandle.e celebrating almost 100 years of a historic campground in the Panhandle.

Good News: How the Lions Club uses the proceeds from the pancake breakfast to benefit the community

It's time for pancakes from the Lions Club. They have been helping the community for a long time.

Area runners and volunteers support Race for a Cure

Area runners and volunteers supported Race for a Cure.

Shelter puppy becomes member of Borger emergency response team

The City of Borger has added a furry new member to its dispatch team.

Good News with Doppler Dave: Friends of Fogelberg helps keep area healthy

It has been more than 10 years now since we lost musician Dan Fogelberg to prostate cancer.

Good News with Doppler Dave: Smiling faces and singing hearts

If there's anything I know about a Monday evening at the Harrington Assisted Living Center, it's this: the notes will be flying off the piano, and the house will be full of smiling faces.

Good News with Doppler Dave: Memories in the wind

We live in one of the windiest locations in the entire country. While the wind here is often relentless and impacts life in various ways, it can also be the source of unexpected blessings as we find in this installment of Good News With Doppler Dave.

Good News with Doppler Dave: The many missions of Mission Amarillo

When you think about going on a mission you might be thinking  thinking about being sent to far reaching points on the earth, well there is a pretty good mission taking place right here and it's called Mission Amarillo.

Good News with Doppler Dave: Spending a night in a shack

You know, there's a lot of thought about college kids today. You hear things like, "Well they're just interested in themselves; they just want to party."  I met some college kids who are doing things a little differently.