Storms West

Storms West

  Weekend outlook...

  Doppler Dave’s Weekend Forecast

Keeping the Temps Pleasant

  Nicer temperatures!

  Doppler Dave Has A Pleasant Outlook

  Cold Front on the Way

  Tracking a cool front.

Continued Coverage

  Doppler Dave’s Forecast Includes A Cool Front Tomorrow

Short Break from Rain Chances

Drying out?

  Doppler Dave On Evening Rain Chances

  Spotty Showers for Tuesday

  Wet forecast...

  Doppler Dave Is Tracking A Cool Front And Rain Chances

Rain chances are improving.

  Flash Flood Watches in Effect

The high pressure system that was over us is now pushing off to the west, which is setting off a week’s worth of rain chances.

  Rain Chances Increasing

Rain Chances Increasing

  Summer Heat & Isolated Storms

Summer Heat & Isolated Storms

  Weekend outlook!

  Doppler Dave Tracks Another Batch Of Storms

  Pleasant Weekend Ahead!

  Hot and humid!

  Doppler Dave Updates Our Rain Chances

  Take a Summer day, add in some Rain Chances

  Hot and humid!

The few showers that developed across the area have died down with the loss of the daytime heating.

  Doppler Dave Tracks Our Latest Weather

Normal July weather, a few scattered storms.

  Rain Chances Diminishing

Our Wednesday is looking to be much like the past few days that have come before it, winds out of the south, temperatures in the mid to lower 90s, and a little humidity mixed in.

  Typical summer heat...

Isolated storms will be possible over the next couple of afternoons but they will be few and far between.

  Doppler Dave Expects To Track A Few Evening Storms

Normal summer temps, chance of evening storms.

  Heat and Humidity?

Rain chances once again passed over the northern portions of the area overnight last night into this morning with Amarillo feeling a few sprinkles at best.

  Continued rain chances...

We could be tracking a few more storms across the NW corner of the area this evening but most of us will stay high and dry.

  Doppler Dave’s Forecast Is Much Nicer

Much more comfortable weather pattern.

  Bringing the Temperatures Down

Thanks to a line of storms nearly parking itself over our area last night, we saw a fair amount of rain in the area, and we’ll also see cooler temperatures as a result.

Hit or Miss Storms

Hit or Miss Storms

Hit or Miss Storms

Hit or Miss Storms

  Hot weekend.

The heat will remain into the first half of the weekend with highs back in the low 100s.

  Weekend outlook.

The heat will remain into the first half of the weekend with highs back in the low 100s.

  Heat Returns

We’ll be returning to 100 degrees across much of the area today, however we won’t be in a record breaking range much like what we saw last week.

  Hot and drier.

Another round of hot days ahead!

  Hot few days.

Hot weather is returning to the area for today through the weekend.

Showers leaving area, heating back up

Many places in the northern panhandle saw upwards to 2-3″ of rain overnight, with totals dropping the further south you go.

  Heat returns.

We have a very good chance for more strong to severe storms in the area into the evening hours.

Expecting storms.

We have a very good chance for more strong to severe storms in the area late today and into the night time hours.

  Returning to Normal

Thanks to an early morning cold front, temperatures will be returning to a more normal (less record breaking) range throughout the rest of the week.

  Weak cool front and rain.

We have seen more showers and storms in the area this evening

  Minor cool down...

Chances for rain will continue for a today and tomorrow!

  A Light at the End of one Hot Tunnel

Our Tuesday is shaping up much like our Monday, with high heat, and chances of rain and thunderstorms this evening into the overnight hours.

  Hot with rain chances...

Chances for rain will continue for a few more days!

  Blistering heat...

Temperatures between 100° and 110° are with us again today and for tomorrow.

  Hot one Today, but Hope on the Horizon?

We’re tracking yet another triple digit day today with a high of about 106 degrees.

Overnight Severe Weather North

Overnight Severe Weather North

Excessive Heat & Some Storms

Excessive Heat & Some Storms

  Hot but with rain chances!

High humidity has returned for the overnight hours and this will slow the cool down tonight.

  Excessive Heat

Excessive Heat

  Hot forecast!

Sunny skies and very hot afternoons are the weather story for the next week.

  Heat wave on the way...

We managed to stay in the low 90s for Tuesday but triple digit heat arrives tomorrow!

The Pattern is Changing

After enjoying rain filled Independence Day weekend, we will begin drying out and warming up as we kick off the work week

  Few Storms Monday

Few Storms Monday

Summer Storms Continue

Summer Storms Continue

  Fourth of July Weekend Forecast

Fourth of July Weekend Forecast

Tracking Spotty Showers for Today

Spotty showers blew through the area yesterday, dropping a fair amount of rain during their short lives.

  Rainy forecast!

The pattern has changed just in time for the holiday weekend to bring rains to our very dry area.

  Doppler Dave Expects Rain Chances To Increase

Tracking evening storms

  First of Several Days of Rain Chances begin Today

Thanks to the shifting of an upper level high pressure system, moisture is now returning to the area

  Better rain chances ahead...

We saw a few storms on the fringe of the area but for the overnight hours we will be calm and will start to cool down.

  Doppler Dave Has Improvements In The Forecast

Less heat, better rain chances

  Warm again, but Winds Calming

Winds are expected to be a little calmer today as a “cold” front will move through this morning.

  Hot Wednesday!

The overnight hours will be very nice but another hot day is in the forecast.

  Doppler Dave On How Long The Heat Will Last

Slight heat relief ahead

  High Heat & Fire Danger

We’re kicking off our Tuesday with higher than normal temperatures as much of the area is already in the 70 degree range before the sun even comes up.

  More high heat!

It will be a slow cool down for tonight after such a hot Monday!

  Doppler Dave Is Monitoring Some Summer Heat This Week

Triple digit heat

Tracking some High Heat

A high pressure system over the U.S. right now is prompting our winds to blow out of the southwest today, ushering in high heat and dry conditions.

Hot Week!

Hot Week!

Few Storms Today

Few Storms Today

Few Storms Saturday

Few Storms Saturday

  Few Severe Storms Mainly East on Father’s Day

Few Severe Storms Mainly East on Father’s Day

  Storms Are Possible, Doppler Dave Is Monitoring

storms possibly by evening

  Tracking Thunderstorm Chances for the Area

We’re under a First Alert situation in the Texas panhandle and surrounding areas as there is a chance for severe thunderstorms across the region today.

  Rain chances remain!

Our overnight period will remain calm through the morning and early afternoon hours.

  Doppler Dave Is Tracking A Front Due In Tomorrow

Tracking a front

  “Cold” Front Arrives Today, Shaking up our Pattern

Unfortunately, the central and northern portions of the area missed out on yesterday’s rain, as it mainly went south.