Warm & Breezy

Warm & Breezy

  Doppler Dave Has A Nippy Outlook By Morning

Cold front brings back Fall today

  Doppler Dave Expects A Return To Fall Weather Tomorrow

Warm start to the week

  Warm Monday

  Warm Weekend

Continued Coverage

  Warm Weekend

  Warming Trend

Weekend warm up

  Coldest Night Since Last Winter

  Doppler Dave Expects The Coldest Night Since Last Winter

  Doppler Dave Is Tracking A Cold Blast And A Potential Freeze

Last warm day

It will be the warmest day of the week with highs in the 80's.

  Battle of Seasons

Battle of Seasons

Mid-week warm up

We're starting to warm up today with temps starting off in the 40's and 50's before warming into the 70's.

  Doppler Dave Has Plenty Of Autumn Weather In The Forecast

Nice fall weather.

  Frost Advisory NW Panhandle

  Nice Weekend

  Drier Weekend

  Doppler Dave Is Tracking Dry Conditions This Weekend

Rain ending, sunshine this weekend

  Doppler Dave Updates Our Wet Weather And Coolest Day In Months

Coolest day since May!

A very strong cold front is bringing in much colder air, leaving us with the coolest temps since May. Highs will stay in the 50′s and low 60′s today. Skies will stay mostly cloudy. Rain will continue on and off throughout the day with heavy rain possible at times. Flooding will be possible at times.

More rain headed our way!

The tropical weather that has been bringing the rain will continue for a few more days.

  Mild Friday

Mild Friday

  Warm Weekend

Warm Weekend

Cooler temps continue

It is starting off to be a cooler morning with temps in the low to mid 60's. Skies will be mostly sunny in the east and partly sunny in the west. Afternoon temps will warm into the mid 80's.

Good overnight rain chances.

An upper level storm system is headed our way for the overnight period which will increase our rain chances to about 70%! There is a possibility for one or two briefly severe storms with hail and gusty winds but they should be few and far between.

Rain chances for several more days!

Showers and and a few storms have worked their way into the area tonight and we will likely see this again for Saturday.

Nice weather after the storms...

The nasty storms have moved out of the area so now we are focusing on some nice weather headed our way. Breezy north winds will keep us in the mid to upper 60s for Thursday but we will have a lot of sunshine and the warming trend will continue into the next couple of days.

More storms possible Friday evening!

With another mild day in the forecast for Friday we will see southerly winds bringing in the moisture to help out with rain and thunderstorm prospects. An upper level storm system will approach from the west and will combine with the dry line create scattered storms some of which may be strong.

A beautiful day ahead!

The winds will die down for your Thursday and with plenty of sunshine it will be a beautiful day. The winds will stay light at 5-15 mph and the skies will be sunny! Friday will be a little warmer and storm chances will return.

KFDA evening wx with Allan Gwyn

Another warm day is on the way for Wednesday with highs in the mid to upper 70s! We do have to watch out because it will be very dry so the fire danger will also be high! Warmer temps are headed this way for the weekend.

Doppler Dave Has An Eye On The Dryline Tomorrow

Dryline could be active tomorrow.

Doppler Dave Says Rain Chances Are Getting Better Again

Two rain chances this week.

Doppler Dave Is Confident You Will Enjoy This Forecast

Quiet weekend forecast.

Doppler Dave Is Tracking Fierce Winds Prompting First Alert Coverage

Major wind event underway.

Doppler Dave’s Forecast Looks Like Springtime Tomorrow

Looking like spring tomorrow.

Warm & breezy Wednesday

Temps are not as cold this morning with temps teens and 20's.

Warmer weather on the way!

Warmer weather is returning with the help of southwest winds! A lot of sunshine coupled with southwest winds will combine to bring temperatures back into the 60s for Wednesday and even some low to mid 70s by the end of the week. The bad news is that with the wind and warmer weather the fire danger

Warming trend headed our way!

After some bitterly cold days the warmer weather is finally headed back in our direction! The warming trend will begin tomorrow with highs in the mid 40s but if you can wait a little longer the temperatures will climb into the 60s and 70s for the end of the week.

Cool and Foggy Wednesday

Temps are warmer this morning starting off in the 30's and 40's with wind chill temps in the 20's and teens.

Doppler Dave On Some Wildly Changing Temperatures

Temperatures will oscillate between warm and cold.

Another cold front on the way...

Tomorrow will actually be a really nice day with light winds and highs near the 70° mark but this time of year the cold fronts come in on a regular basis. By Wednesday morning the winds will be out of the NE so our highs will stay in the mid to upper 40s. It is only a one day cool down as temperat

Doppler Dave Expects Rapidly Changing Weather Tonight

We have the possibility of rain, thunderstorms, snow, and wind over the next 24 hours.

Doppler Dave Has A Mild And Breezy Outlook

Temperatures rising along with some wind.

Warmer weather is right around the corner.

Southwest winds will take from a bitterly cold start to Wednesday to temperatures well into the upper 40s and low 50s. The warm up continues for the rest of the week with highs in the low mid 60s for Thursday and Friday.

Cold and snowy Tuesday

Snow showers will be possible on and off today.

Another storm system will snow chances to the area.

Another storm system will bring snow chances to the area. The cold temperatures will stay in the region for at least 24 more hours which means it will be hard to climb above freezing but warmer temperatures will arrive on Wednesday.

Doppler Dave With A Frigid Night And Chance Of Snow

Cold forecast with snow chances.

More snow on the way

Snow showers will continue this morning in the north with temps in the 20's and teens.

Cooler & Calmer Day

Cooler & Calmer Day

More wind on the way

Afternoon temps will warm into the 70's in the southwest but stay in the 30's and 40's to our north.

Difficult Temperature Forecast

Difficult Temperature Forecast

Doppler Dave Updates The Latest Blast Of Wind

Strong, dry winds are creating critical fire danger.

Warm and windy Wednesday

It is going to be a windy day with winds out of the southwest at 20-30 mph and gusts up to 45 mph.

Windy conditions return!

Strong southwest winds are in the forecast to return to the area for Wednesday with winds 20-30 mph with gusts 40-45 mph. These winds will reinforce the very dry that is already in place and with temperatures climbing to near 70° our fire danger will likely be very high! The winds will slowly star

Doppler Dave Expects A Prompt Return To Windy Conditions

After a quiet day, windy weather eturns tomorrow.

Beautiful Tuesday Forecast

It is much colder this morning with temps in the 20's and teens, wind chills temps are in the teens and single digits.

Doppler Dave Says, Wind And More Wind This Week

Windy Outlook Most Of The Week

Doppler Dave Says, Wind And More Wind This Week

Windy Outlook Most Of The Week

Windy with high fire danger

Strong winds and elevated fire danger

Panhandle Wind Returns

Panhandle Wind Returns

Slow Warming Trend

Slow Warming Trend

Doppler Dave’s Weekend Outlook Is Brisk

Doppler Dave's Weekend Forecast

Cold Friday Forecast

It is going to be a very cold start to the morning with temps in the teens and single digits.

Very cold for a few days...

Temperatures for the next several days will stay very chilly! With mornings in the upper single digits and highs near 40°. It will be a slow warm up over the next several days.

Doppler Dave Expects The Deep Freeze Tonight

We will tumbel into the deep freeze tonight.

Much Colder Weather

Much Colder Weather

Another strong cold front will bring chilly temperatures to our area.

Another strong cold front will bring chilly temperatures to our area. Although we will have northerly winds they will not be too strong so the winds will not be too bad. Highs will stay in the upper 30s for your Thursday and only into the low 40s for your Friday.

Doppler Dave Is Ready For Weather Whiplash

Weather roller coaster at work with major changes ahead.

Strong Winds & High Fire Danger

Strong Winds & High Fire Danger

Very strong winds return for Wednesday!

Very strong winds return for Wednesday ahead of a strong cold front that will drop us into the 30s for Thursday. Winds on Wednesday will likely gust over 50 mph creating a very high fire dangers as temperatures climb into the upper 60s and low 70s. A powerful cold front will drive into the area We

Doppler Dave Has An Ugly Wind Forecast

Major wind and wildfire threat tomorrow.

Warm Weather For Now...

Warm Weather For Now...

Warm winds for another day or two...

Warm, southwest winds will be bringing in the very dry air and temperatures into the upper 60s and low 70s through Wednesday. During the day on Wednesday we will see strong winds and a very high fire danger. Wed. night a strong cold front will blast into the area dropping our Thursday highs into t

Doppler Dave Is Bracing For More Wind

Winds Will Be Increasing

Warm Weather Continues

Warm Weather Continues

Nice forecast for Monday.

We will keep a little bit of a breeze during the overnight hours as we drop into the mid 40s for the Amarillo area for Monday morning. There may be a few low 30s in the northwest panhandles by tomorrow morning also. Less wind and highs near 70° will be what we can expect for Monday afternoon.

Warm with less wind!

Once the sun sets this evening we will see the winds start to die down significantly. They will stay around 10-20 mph for the overnight hours and this will help to keep our morning temps in the low to mid 40s. The winds will be much lighter for Monday but temperatures will still be very nice.