Skies clearing, but still cool

We’re tracking some lingering showers making their way through the area this morning, but as we head throughout our Wednesday, skies will gradually begin to clear.

  Stormy forecast

  Unseasonably Cool!

  Wet & Cool Tuesday

  Wet and cool forecast

  Unseasonably Cool Weather in Doppler Dave’s Forecast

  Cool, Cloudy, and a bit of Rain

  Cooler days ahead...

  Beautiful afternoon

Continued Coverage

  Cooling Down Soon

  Hot day ahead...

  Doppler Dave Expects Storms This Evening

Warm with Thunderstorms

  Chance for storms...

  Doppler Dave Tracks Storm Chances Ahead

  Sunny Spring Day

Aside from some early morning light showers in the northeast, skies are looking to be clear for our Thursday today.

  Doppler Dave Has Some Nice Spring Weather In The Forecast

Nice forecast

  Nice Wednesday

Starting out a little cool with temps in the mid 40s and a little bit of a breeze but the afternoon will be nice.

  Nice days ahead...

It will be a cool but nice evening and overnight temps will drop into the mid 40s.

  Nice Spring Weather In Doppler Dave’s Forecast

Skies Clearing

  Warming trend this week

  Doppler Dave Tracks Rain This Evening

  A Cool and Hopefully Wet Monday

Doppler Dave Expects Big Weather Changes

  Hot Sunday, cool Monday.

It will stay a little breezy for the overnight hours with the humidity coming up and with lows in the low to mid 50s.

  Hot day Sunday...

It has been a warm and beautiful afternoon with sunny skies and light winds but it will be warmer for Sunday.

  Nice weekend forecast!

A nice afternoon will turn into a very nice evening and overnight with temps gradually falling into the upper 40s.

  Doppler Dave’s Weekend Outlook

Weekend forecast

  Beautiful Friday Ahead

We’ve toned down the winds and are ready to welcome in some sunshine for what should be a great Friday.

  Nice weather ahead...

The winds will continue to die down for the rest of the night and will only be at 5-10 mph as we drop to the mid 40s.

  Doppler Dave Expects Nearly Perfect Weather Tomorrow

Nice springweather

  Skies Clearing

Scattered showers yielded several tenths in its heaviest areas yesterday, mainly the southwest around eastern New Mexico, with lower totals everywhere else.

  Rain ending, wind remains...

The rain has ended across the area and the north winds will make for a chilly morning.

  Doppler Dave Tracks A Little Rain

Rain chances.

  Possible Widespread Rain

Thanks to some already moist air in place, and an incoming cold front, we could very well track some widespread showers and thunderstorms as we go into the midday hours today.

  Rain chances continue...

Almost all of the showers and storms have wound down across the area

  Stormy forecast!

There have been a few strong to severe storms in the far SE panhandle and the threat for more will hang around through 9 PM.

  Doppler Dave Is Keeping An Eye To The Sky For Heavy Storms

Heavy Storms Possible

  Showers and Thunderstorms for some

We’re in First Alert mode here at Newschannel10 today as severe thunderstorms are possible in the southeast this afternoon.


It will be a calm but breezy evening and night with SW winds staying up at 10-20 mph through the early morning hours with lows in the mid 50s.

  Doppler Dave Tracks Fire Danger Followed By Rain Chances

High Fire Danger, But Rain Chances Are Increasing

  Warm and Windy, Again

Our Monday is shaping up to be very similar to our Sunday, warm temperatures reaching upwards of 90 degrees, if not more in some places, strong winds out of the southwest at 20-30 mph with fire danger being the main concern.

Doppler Dave Expects Very Warm, Very Dry Conditions Again Tomorrow

High Fire Danger

  Warm, and Windy

As we wrap up our Saturday, temperatures will steadily cool down into the low 50s and upper 40s with skies staying clear.

  Weekend Outlook

The storms have long since cleared the area and we have a calmer and cooler night ahead with a chilly morning.

  Doppler Dave’s Weekend Outlook

Warm weekend

Rain Returning? Maybe.

As we kick off our Friday, some early morning low-level moisture may lend itself to some patchy fog in the early morning hours.

  Rain chances.

The breeze and cloud cover made it feel a little chilly today and the winds will stay up even overnight.

  Doppler Dave’s Outlook Includes Warmer Temperatures

Spring returns.

Winds Rising with the Temperatures

After cooler and breezy conditions on Wednesday, our Thursday is shaping up to be breezy still, but warmer, for parts of the area.

  Slow warming trend!

The breeze made it feel a little chilly today and the evening will also be cold as the sun sets.

  Doppler Dave Is Tracking A Return To Spring Wnds

Breezy spring weather.

Warmth Returning, Slowly

After a 2nd consecutive morning well below freezing, we’re looking for things to start warming up as we gear up for the second half of the week.

  Another Hard Freeze!

In the wake of a strong cold front we will see all the conditions for yet another hard freeze for a large part of the area tonight.

Another Hard Freeze!

In the wake of a strong cold front we will see all the conditions for yet another hard freeze for a large part of the area tonight.

  Sub-Freezing Temps and High Winds

The cold front has arrived, and brought strong winds and a sharp cool down with it.

  Hard Freeze and Windy!

A very strong cold front will be making its way through the area tonight bringing strong winds and sub zero temperatures with it.

  Short Lived Warmth

After a beautiful Sunday, and looking ahead to a sunny and warm Monday, we better enjoy it, because these conditions are not going to be sticking around long!

  Brief warm up...

We will have a nice but cool night and we will stay above freezing for Monday morning.

  Warm Monday, cold Tuesday...

It has been a nice afternoon with upper 50s and low 60s and we will stay above freezing for Monday morning.

  Clearing, but Cooling

After mostly cloudy skies through our Saturday, skies should slowly start to clear.

  Frost and freezing temps...

A cool afternoon means a chilly night with widespread freezing temps and some frost for the area.

  Freeze Potential This Weekend - Doppler Dave’s Outlook

Freeze possible this weekend.

  Windier, Drier Weather Returning

While drier air is on the way, we’re still tracking the possibility of early morning drizzle and dense fog.

  Fog and freezing temps...

We will likely be tracking more fog and some drizzle for the overnight hours with lows staying in the low 40s.

  Doppler Dave Updates This Wet and Chilly Spring Weather

Wet and cool pattern.

Dreary Thursday

Overcast skies will continue their hold on our area as we go throughout our Thursday today, with drizzle and fog possible as we go throughout the morning hours.

  Chilly and wet...

Easterly upslope winds will bring in the higher humidity overnight allowing for dense fog and drizzle to develop.

  Doppler Dave Updates Rain Chances

Cool with rain chances.

  Watching for Rain

As we head into our Wednesday, cloud cover is increasing and so are the rain chances.

  Rain chances increasing

We are on track to see another cold front overnight which will keep us cooler for the rest of the week.

  Doppler Dave Is Tracking Rainy, Cool Weather For A few Days

Wet and cool outlook.

  Moisture chances return

Thanks to Monday’s cooler weather, we can expect to stay cooler as we go into our Tuesday.

  Cooler and wet forecast

Our latest cold front made for a much cooler day and will make for a chilly night!

  Doppler Dave Tracks Cooler Weather And Rain Chances This Week

Cool week, rain chances.

  Cool & Cloudy, with a bit of Rain?

Thanks to an overnight front, our work week is getting off to a cool and cloudy start, with highs down in the 50s and 60s for much of the area.

  Cooler Weather & Shower Chances by Mid Week

Cooler Weather & Shower Chances by Mid Week

  Warm Sunday

Warm Sunday

  Very nice weekend...

The winds will be slow to die down through the evening and overnight hours and we will cool down into the mid 30s for Saturday morning.

  Doppler Dave’s Weekend Outlook

Weekend weather

  Cold Front Headed this Way

Winds will be the focus of our Friday forecast as of right now.

  Windy cold front...

We were treated to a very nice afternoon and as we head into the overnight hours the weather will remain calm.