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  Biden outlines plan to fix 'dismal' vaccine rollout

Biden outlines plan to administer Covid-19 vaccines to Americans. Meredith Wood reports.

  Biden remarks on COVID vaccine

  Officers describe being attacked by mob during Capitol riot

  Video from Capitol riot shows rioters in tactical gear

  Biden unveils major COVID-19 relief as cases rise

  COVID: States struggle to ramp up vaccination efforts

  Domestic terrorism warned ahead of inauguration

  Andrew Yang announces NYC mayoral bid

  Trump impeachment: Preparations underway for Senate trial

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  Trump condemns Capitol violence a week later

A week following mob violence at the Capitol, President Trump condemns the violence.

  Graphic: More video of violent rioters attacking police during Capitol riots

Video shows other violent encounters between rioters and police officers.

  House impeaches Trump for second time

  Pelosi: Trump represents 'clear and present danger'

  De Blasio calls for Trump's impeachment

  Ocasio-Cortez: Many members 'narrowly escaped death'

  House takes up impeachment against Trump

  Pelosi: Trump 'must be removed from office immediately'

  FBI: 160 Capitol riot cases "just the tip of the iceberg"

  NYT: McConnell thinks Trump committed impeachable acts

The "New York Times" is reporting McConnell thinks Trump committed impeachable offenses and wants him out of the party.

  House giving VP ultimatum before impeachment proceedings begin

  House ready to impeach Trump as security concerns grow

  Congress weighs removing President Trump

  Congress weighs Trump's removal

  More arrests made in Capitol riot as investigation continues

  Officer Brian Sicknick remembered as proud veteran

  Look ahead: Impeachment resolution