GRAPHIC: 10-year-old loses fingers in firework prank

  ‘Apollo 11’ brings new perspective to historic mission

  Tensions with Iran intensify

  50th anniversary of Apollo moon landing

  Apollo 11 mission projected on Washington Monument

  Founder of Area 51 Facebook event says not to take it seriously

The creator of "Storm Area 51: They Can't Stop Us" says not everyone realizes it's all a joke.

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  Lego unveils life-size Apollo 11 astronaut model

Timelapse video shows the construction of a life-size model of an Apollo 11 astronaut. (Source: Lego)

  Pampers releases new 'smart diaper'

Pampers announces a line of smart diapers this week.

  Woman tried to poison dog and it was caught on camera

A woman was found guilty of animal cruelty thanks to surveillance footage at a Colorado Springs home.

  What caused a string of sushi restaurant fires?

Is your favorite local sushi restaurant preparing their tempura flakes in the proper way?

  Woman's neck sliced in freak lawnmower accident

A South Dakota woman survives freak lawnmower accident that sliced open her neck, narrowly missing critical parts of her neck.

  How did Area 51 become the site of alien conspiracy theories?

To this day, nobody really knows what goes on in Area 51, but aliens are still the fan favorite answer 👽

  Kennedy Center will honor 'Sesame Street' and Sally Field

Beloved actress, long-running children's tv series and one of the most critically acclaimed funk bands of the '70s are among the 2019 Kennedy Center honorees.

  Man climbs down high-rise building to escape fire

  Ice cream truck carjacking caught on camera in Calif.

  Pa. parents threatened over unpaid lunch tabs

  A look at US patrol ship near Iran

  When debates get crowded, awkward, chaotic

  Georgia police officers pose as construction workers to catch distracted drivers

Officers near Atlanta posed as construction workers earlier this week to catch people using their phones while driving.

  Florida dog miraculously survives jump from overpass

News helicopter catches amazing video of a loose dog jumping off an overpass and surviving the fall with only minor injuries.

  Iowa man pays for 33 students to go to college

Dale Schroeder worked 67 years as a carpenter for the same company and saved $3 million.

  President Trump says the US destroyed an Iranian drone

A U.S. warship on Thursday destroyed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz after it threatened the ship, President Donald Trump said.

  U.S. House passes bill to raise federal minimum wage

According to Nancy Pelosi and the House, 33 million people in the U.S. are getting a raise.

  Pres. Trump not happy with 'Send her back' comments

"I was not happy with it. I disagree with it. But again, I didn't say -- I didn't say that, they did."

  Rep. Jeffries: Minimum wage bill good for people, economy

  Pelosi: Raising minimum wage helps narrow gender gap