SMARTBoard is Making an Impact in Schools

You may have noticed your child enjoying school more this semester if you live in the Amarillo area.

The SMARTBoard looks like a white board but uses a computer program to project animations onto the screen.

Teachers in the Canyon School District say participation is up and students are showing more interest during class. With the SMARTBoard you are able to move objects around with your hand, write with your finger or a smart board pen, and even take quizzes using a hand held device.

Lakeview Elementary Kindergarten teacher Robin Crawford says, "It's so much more hands on. Everything that we do that we used to do on paper or just orally we do we can now just put on the smart board and it's more interactive. The kids are always on task, involved, engaged."

And the SMARTBoard can be used in any subject starting in kindergarten on through high school.

Canyon High School Calculus teacher Cheryl Freeman says, "I think it's very important because the kids have so much technology that they know how to do and this is the first time I've been able to wow them with technology."

Student Erin Chucovich says, "Instead of just sitting there and listening to the teacher we can get up and interact with the teacher and it makes learning more fun."

Because students are more alert teachers say they are able to cover more material. "It's just unbelievable. Everything is faster for them. They pick it up faster, they learn it faster, they stay on task, it's great."

Each SMARTBoard costs about $1200.

School districts that are also using the technology include Highland Park, River Road, and Amarillo.