Noriega and Cornyn On Immigration

The two Texas men vying for a US Senate seat sound off tonight on immigration. Democrat Rick Noriega spoke with us at a campaign stop in Amarillo on Thursday. We called his opponent, Senator John Cornyn, to get his border control opinion as well. "I wish every Texas family could see what this government has done in seizing Texans property in this enormous wall to no where that is a waste of our taxpayer dollars," says Noriega. "I believe the border patrol are the ones who are the experts and if they tell me they need this in order to be able to secure the borders then I believe it's our responsibility, my responsibility, to give it to them," says Cornyn. More than sixty people showed their support for Noriega at a Democratic luncheon Thursday afternoon. Noriega campaigned in Amarillo several times this past year, but says this stop was extremely important in encouraging people to vote early. Cornyn is currently campaigning in Houston.