Keep Your Family Safe This Flu Season

Even though we're seeing highs in the 80s, flu season has officially arrived. The flu vaccine is stronger than ever before and the Centers for Disease Control is recommending more people than ever before get the shot.

The FDA has revamped the shot after last years vaccine was very ineffective, blocking less than half of flue strains, compared to the normal 70 to 90%protection. Get ready to roll up your sleeves...flu season is here. "104 degree fever, chills, headaches, coughing, weak, temperature swings," says Tiffany Shadle, a nurse practitionaer at Amarillo Urgent Care.

Mary Ruth McCauley wants to make sure she never feels like that... She's gotten flu shots for the past thirty years. I don't want to get the flu. Plus, it's just so dangerous. Especially for seniors." Shadle says she's smart to get vaccinated. "The elderly are the most at risk," After last year's rough flu season, the CDC is recommending that everyone, no matter your age, get a flu shot...

Everyone but those with a baby on the way. "If you are going to become pregnant and know you'll be pregnant during flu season then you should get one, but if you are already pregnant than no." David Flores says he hasn't felt sick in years...and that's what keeps him coming back. "I've gotten flu shots for the past three years and I have never had the flu in that time so why stop now. I want to keep that going."

The average flu shot in Amarillo runs between $25 and $35, but Mary Ruth says the money is well worth the peace of mind. "Assurance that I will, in all likelyhood, be able to bypass the flu virus." To give you an idea of how serious the flu can be... 32,000 Americans die every year from the flu and another 200,000 end up in the hospital.