What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy - Episode 6

Cpl. Jeff Hooten, APD
Cpl. Jeff Hooten, APD
Cadet Adam Gutierrez
Cadet Adam Gutierrez

You studied the book, took drivers ed, and passed the written test. Finally, at the tender age of 16 you had a drivers license.

For Amarillo Police Academy Cadets that license doesn't mean much right now.

Cadets learning to drive patrol cars are buckling in with instructors again...trying to master new techniques, speed, and control.

The course is challenging as cadets combine a new steering technique and speed.

Cadet Palacios says, "I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it actually is. It takes a lot of technique and learning. It's a lot harder than it looks."

Cadet Tollerson says, "After, what, 13 years of driving I thought that I pretty much knew everything, but coming out here with more speed, you don't really know what you need to know."

Cadet Gutierrez says, "It's hard at first cause I am use to driving, you know just regular driving, just regular, but now they are teaching the fundamentals so it is a lot easier to just get your hands here and turn, get your hands here, and it is a lot easier."

Shuffle steering is the first hurdle to overcome...

Cpl. Jeff Hooten says, "So if the steering wheel is divided in half we never do the jerky motions like this but if we steer we simply reach up - so if we are taking a left hand turn we reach up with the left hand at the 12 o'clock and dial in one smooth movement and then we steer out we steer out the same way."

The second hurdle: not hitting the cones.

Palacio says, "I took down a lot of cones. Probably the most that anybody has taken."

"Starting off I did, but as of today, it's progressed, I reduced the number of cones I hit." Tollerson says.

Gutierrez says, "I did pretty slow, and I hit a lot of cones."

The cones are easy to hit.. Trust me.

You can get in the car yourself... just click on the video links to watch all the videos.

Follow the new recruits as they find out what it takes to make it through the Amarillo Police Academy