Radon Is in Granite, But a Bigger Danger Lies in Your House

Your home could be a more dangerous place than you think.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and it could be in your kitchen, or under your house.

"In my opinion it's not a big problem, but it's something we have to look at," said Bill Dodgin, one of only two certified radon technicians in the state of Texas.

Earlier this week bill dodgin tested some local granite to see if it did in fact emit radon.

"I have found that their are certain counter tops that produce certain amounts of radon that would be considered. I still do not believe that a normal house would have enough radon from counter tops to cause a dangerous situation," said Bill Dodgin.

He Says the amount of radon coming from granite would not have a drastic impact on a house, unless the house already had high levels of radon from another source.

"What we need to do is be concerned about what's under our floor. And how much radon we have coming in to our house," said Dodgin.

Radon infiltrates houses from the ground and come through walls and concrete and every home in the panhandle is susceptible.

"Well Probably 50 percent of the basements I check are high but in a slab probably 1 in 4 test high," Dodgin said.

The Environmental Protection Agency says a house is safe unless it tests above four picocuries per liter.

"According to the EPA, the average reading in Potter and Randall counties is 6.5," said Dodgin.

HeHas tested about 500 homes around Amarillo in the past 10 years.

He says the worst area is southwest Amarillo, one home there tested as high as 110.

A reading that high can cause lung cancer within three years.

"The only way you can reduce it on a house is to put in a reduction system which causes a vacuum under the floor and takes the radon out into the atmosphere," said Dodgin.

There are several ways you can test your home for radon.

Bill Dodgin can officially test and he is one of only two certified radon technicians in the state.

He can be contacted at (806) 352-4042.

Also, you can buy a simple home testing kitat many local hardware shops, a lab will examine and then return your results and bill dodgin says they're remarkably accurate.