How Much Turf Fields Cost You

Angry parents lead to upset phone calls to AISD about the choice to spend millions of tax dollars on new turf football fields.

To put turf on all four high schools in Amarillo plus Dick Bivins, it's costing 2 million dollars of your tax money. While that number may seem shockingly large at first, AISD says it was a good investment because they're actually saving money...starting with turning off the sprinklers.

Alan Hunnicut, the AISD Assistant Athletic Director, says "for all four fields plus Dick Bivins, we're saving 22 million gallons of water a year." New sod and maintenance costs are now a thing of the past...and those added up quickly. To give you an idea of how much money these turf fields are saving... They are saving 65,000 dollars at bivens alone. AISD has gotten several complaints about their choice to spend millions on football fields, but Hunnicutt tells parents to put it in perspective.

"We aren't leaving academics out in the cold. In fact, we're spending 4.6 million on new science labs." On top of the money savings, there's another added benefit. Hunnicut says "the turf has been proven to be safer." Local doctor Bill Barnhill says "If you tear your ACL you tear your ACL. The question is whether or not you will tear your ACL easier on turf or on grass. The answer is grass. We see some ACL injuries on turf, but not as many as on grass."