Canyon, Amarillo 8th Grade TAKS Results

Two school districts in our area differ slightly when it comes to how 8th graders rank on the math portion of the Texas Acknowledgement of Skills Test, or TAKS test.

As NewsChannel 10 first told you, 25% of all 8th graders across the state failed the math portion of the most recent round of the TAKS test.

Canyon ISD has an average of 84% of students who passed the math portion of the test...while Amarillo ISD averages about 73 %.

Canyon ISD:                                                       Amarillo ISD:

State Average: 75%                                           State Average: 75%

Canyon ISD: 84%                                               Amarillo ISD: 73%

Canyon Junior High: 89%                                   Austin Middle School: 75%

Westover Park Junior High: 88%                        Bonham Middle School: 83%

Bowie Middle School: 61%

Crockett Middle School: 91%

De Zavala Middle School: 91%

Fannin Middle School: 71%

Houston Middle School: 69%

Horace Mann Middle School: 64%

Travis Middle School: 67%