Appraisal Letters Out to Property Owners

Jim Childers, Potter/Randall Appraisal
Jim Childers, Potter/Randall Appraisal
Tracy Howland, Larry Brown Realty
Tracy Howland, Larry Brown Realty

30 days is all you have to protest the estimated value of your home. Property appraisal notices have gone out across Potter and Randall counties.

Values in Potter county are up five percent, while in Randall county, they are up five and a half percent.

But if you are unhappy with the appraised value of your home, there is something you can do.

You have 30 days to protest the value by signing the protest form and mailing it to the appraisal office.

Jim Childers says to contact the office, and the appraiser would be happy to go over everything about the appraisal and give information about that.

If necessary, you then can go a step further. Childers says it also allows them, if they are not able to resolve the issue, you can go to the appraisal review board. Those start in June and July.

One realtor says the appraisal values going up in both counties is an indication of the strong and steady housing market in Amarillo.

Tracy Howland of Larry Brown Realty says they have the same number in escrow right now as they sold all last year. She says it is a steady market, it is good for buyers and sellers alike.

Howland also reminds homeowners that much more goes into determining a home's worth than the initial appraisal value.

More than 90 thousand appraisal letters will have gone out when all is said and done.