Picking Up Hammers to Make Amarillo Safer

If your home is in desperate need of repair but you are unable to do the work yourself Christmas In Action may be able to grant your wish.

Christmas In Action took their time and talents to eight different needy homes across the city today.

The program was originally designed to help elderly home owners who are unable to do repair work themselves.

But today a single mother of four with one child suffering from a disability says this year Christmas came in April.

Tamra Drone says with four children under the age of seven time and money is stretched thin in the Drone household, making home repairs impossible.

"Anything can happen if they step in a hole they can fall and hurt themselves. They were small children and children are going to run around the house and I just wanted it to be safe enough for them to be able to run and play."

Melba Patton says she had her doors and gates fixed to prevent trespassing. "I was putting locks and clothes hangers to be secure. You never know what's going to happen when you live alone. It makes me feel so much safer knowing I have this many people looking out for me."

If your home is in need of repair you must go through an application process first.  If you are accepted here are some examples of projects they can do.

Christmas In Action's Interim Director Kerri Cross says, "We do anything from fixing windows to replacing floors, roofing houses, just wherever there's a need that would help their house to me more safe, or more energy efficient, safe for the kids."

Through the application process applicants must show a combination of financial hardship, age, and disability, or can't work themselves.

In case you are wondering the story behind the name Christmas In Action comes from a woman who had her home repaired several years ago.

When the work team finished she said it was just like Christmas in April....and the name stuck.

For more information please call 418-4098 or e-mail at amarillocia@suddenlink.net