Forgery Rampant in Amarillo

Cpl. Brian Thomas, Amarillo Police Department
Cpl. Brian Thomas, Amarillo Police Department

Check forgery runs rampant in Amarillo, keeping detectives constantly bogged down with cases.

Police say thieves copy a company logo or name onto check paper they buy at supply stores.  Within hours they could have hundreds of dollars in their bank accounts.

The Amarillo Police Department has three forgery detectives and a civilian investigator who receive cases every day.

Since many thieves have the technology to print out fake checks and IDs, police say businesses do not always recognize the fraudulent ones.

That is especially a problem when a business does direct withdrawal, which is just like running a debit card, only using a check.

Cpl. Brian Thomas says, "you get the check, run it through, and give it back. It's easy but you're giving that check back to the criminal."

And that means there is no evidence for police to use to track down the criminal.

Thomas says if people stopped leaving belongings in their cars, and started putting bills in a post office mailbox, it might lessen the chances of checks and IDs being stolen.