Costs Are Higher to Fill Easter Baskets

Three dollars here, four dollars there. Your Easter supplies can rack up quickly and with the cost of goods on the rise it appears those celebrating the holiday are not going without.

In fact, the National Retail Federation reports the average family is spending just as much this year as they did last year.  Experts say the average person is spending $135 this Easter.

A local mother says this year she had to do more budgeting to make sure the Easter Bunny visited her eight kids.

Tabitha Rodriguez says, "Yeah money's tighter this year, but I do what I do for my kids. It's for them. My kids and the holiday are more important than anything you know. They're only young once and you might as well enjoy it. "

While Rodriguez has been budgeting for months another woman says she is taking the hit this month.

Lyndsy Morgan says, "It's like the only thing we're spending money on, yes."

The Retail Federation notes consumers are spending the most money on Easter meals, followed by clothing, gifts, candy, flowers, and decorations.

Store Manager Sherry Waldrop says,"We've done a little bit more this year actually so business is kinda good. We sell alot of novelty candy, bunnies, we sell a lot of Easter baskets."

Sam's Club Marketing Director Genet Flint says, "We've blown through our easter supplies. We have the baskets, we have the eggs, we have the candy, we have a lot of different things that have really sold out this week at sam's club so you can't tell by coming in the economy is low.

Twenty-five to 34 year olds are expected to be the biggest consumers spending a total of $125 dollars. And some large businesses are fighting hard for that cash.

In fact candy companies spent more than $90 million dollars on advertising this year even more than for Halloween.

It seems to have paid off too. Chocolate candy sales this week reached more than $318 million dollars second only to Valentine's Day.