Documents suggest cozy relationship between FAA, Southwest

DALLAS (AP) _ Documents released by congressional investigators
show federal aviation authorities "falsified'' a report that
allowed Southwest Airlines to continue flying.

That's despite missing required inspections for metal fatigue.
The documents released by the House Transportation and
Infrastructure Committee also show officials with the Federal
Aviation Administration were too cozy with the airlines they

According to the documents, two whistle-blowers told the
committee that FAA supervisors and colleagues blunted their efforts
to force Southwest to follow an FAA order to re-inspect the planes.

Much of the information in the documents released this week came
out last week. That's when the FAA announced a 10.2 million-dollar
fine against Dallas-based Southwest. That's the biggest in FAA

The documents added new details and tone to the controversy,
which has damaged the reputations of both Southwest and the FAA.
Southwest has said it plans to appeal the million penalty.