Daylight Saving....Waste of Time?

You lost an hour of sleep last night in order to save energy but are we really saving? Energy companies say farmers are benefiting, but don't point your finger too fast.

The idea farmers benefit from more from early daylight hours is a common misconception. A local farmer says day light saving is simply a waste of time.

Walter Paetzold says, "I wish they'd quit having daylight saving savings. I've lived in Arizona a couple of years where they didn't and had a two hour difference and that really messes things up. You can't call people in other areas knowing what time it is."

But if farmers are not benefiting from the time change who is?

The electric company tells me our electricity savings are very small but they do add up overtime.

Wes Reeves says, "I think in terms of how it effects the regional system and we've never really taken time to research that to find out."

Even though it is not an immediate impact. Reeves says the time change does have long term value.

"We encourage people to use less power which is kind of funny for the electric company to say but overtime we're benefiting as a company because we're not having to build additional generation resources."

Reeves says the most noticeable change in our area is more people using electricity earlier in the day when the sun isn't up as opposed to the evenings.