Salvia Divinorum

Melynn Huntley, Grant Project Director of !mpact Futures.
Melynn Huntley, Grant Project Director of !mpact Futures.

A controversial herb deemed a controlled substance in Oklahoma, and in several other states is being sold in Texas.

It's called Salvia Divinorum, and its sold right here in Amarillo.

Right now the herb is legal in Texas, and in fact many people grow it in their garden.

According to the DEA website, there are regulatory control bills pending by the state.

We spoke with several local head shops, who say Salvia sells very quickly in their stores.

But Randall County drug officials and Amarillo school officials say it is not a problem that they know of among young people.

But they agree the substance is still dangerous.

"I think any time you get into a hallucinogen you wont know if you want it again. You're going into an area you don't need to. Nothing good can come from it," said Melynn Huntley, Grant Project Director of !mpact Futures.

Kids already have access to this information, through Salvia websites and videos circulating the internet.

We spoke with Senator Kel Seliger's office, and he says he doesn't know about any current legislation, but that doesn't mean it wont come up in their next session.