Amarillo's Future Discussed in Annual D.C. Days

John Teague, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce
John Teague, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

Energy was only one of the many topics discussed during the annual D.C. Days between Senator John Cornyn and a group of Amarillo leaders who traveled to Washington D.C.

Newschannel 10 spoke with the senator today to find out what Amarillo can expect for the future.

Texas is growing quickly and energy demands are high.

Senator Cornyn says the Panhandle can meet the demand by replacing coal as a source of energy by using wind.

"We need to look for things like renewable energy sources of clean energy like wind to meet our increasing energy demand."

A Chamber of Commerce member who met with the senator says strengthening the workforce is a top priority and the money to do so is avaliable.

"One of his aids told us that there's some grant money available to help us develop the workforce here. All we have to do is get out committee together and discuss what we want to do and they'll lead us in the right direction."

Senator Cornyn and the Amarillo leaders also discussed the possibility of a nuclear energy plant being built in Amarillo.

John Teague says the city has applied for a license but there is no telling when it will be looked at.