Couple Serves Together

Amarillo's newest military member was commissioned into office this evening, and she has never even been through basic training.

Heather Cline achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant today, joining her husband in the military.

Heather is a dietician here in Amarillo at Baptist St. Anthony's Hospital.

Joining the military is something she first thought of a year ago, to pair up with her husband at Ft. Hood.

Ashley, her husband, is a 2nd Lieutenant at Ft. Hood currently, and it took some serious maneuvering for heather to convince the army to place the couple together.

"It's taken a long time to make sure everything has come together for us. But, it has come together for us, and we'll be stationed together at Ft. Hood for the next three years at least," said Heather.

Because of Heather's Masters Degree, she can be commissioned directly into the Lieutenant rank.

But, she declined it to begin with, and stood strong to be placed with her husband.

Ashley is a second lieutenant, and that means heather has a higher rank. She says she might have to use that against him.

"I might (pull rank), he better not step on my toes," said Heather with a chuckle.

The two were very jovial talking about their positions in the military.

But, it was very clear that they were both very happy at the chance to serve their country and be together at the same time.