Wildfire Danger Heightens

Chief Steve Ross, Amarillo Fire Department
Chief Steve Ross, Amarillo Fire Department

Local fire officials say this year's area weather conditions, could spark fires worse than the Panhandle saw in 2006.

They say those fires created the largest one day fire damages in the history of the U.S.

In an effort to prevent wildfires this year, fire officials released some guidelines to prevent another year like 2006.

"We're all survivors. All we're asking is that everyone have a hightened awareness and help prevent dangerous wildfires. You do you part, and we could go this entire season without a repeat of 2006," said Chief Steve Ross of the Amarillo Fire Department.

Ross says it's everyday things that get overlooked and cause most of the fires.

"Typically if you weld or cut, or throw a cigarette out the window you could spark a fire. Hopefully, you'll be a little more cautious during Red Flag Conditions.

The Department lists several ways you can prevent the fire.

  • Check for and obey burn ban restrictions
  • Create a firebreak down to the bare dirt if you burn anything yourself
  • Never burn when winds exceed 15 mph.
  • Use a metal grid or lid on the top of burning trash
  • Always keep water and tools nearby, in case a fire starts
  • Carefully read warnings, and steer clear of dry vegetation and buildings, if discharging fireworks

90% of all wildfires are started by people and their activities.