Pantex Expanding

Pantex is taking on more work... Which means the plant is expanding.

Pantex officials say the plant will now be the only place in the country doing certain types of work. Saving cost by not having to send weapons or supplies to other facilities... As they have been doing.

Pantex will be expanding some current programs like their high explosives test called pressing, and weapons surveillance.

Getting more than 250 million dollars to build new facilities for those programs.

Dan Swaim with Pantex says, "Each of these will be a new facility, we will actually be decommissioning older buildings at the same time. Our high explosives pressing will get out of some buildings that are 40 or 50 years old and have a new modern building with everything colated in one spot."

Swaim says currently the facility ships weapons to california when they need certian forms of testing done..

They now will be able to preform those test right here at home... Saving money and increasing security.

Along with those programs... Pantex will now be the only facility, other than the military, to have underground nuclear weapons storage.