Dog biscuits added to pet food recall

WASHINGTON Dog biscuits made by an Alabama company are the latest addition to the pet food recall.

The Food and Drug Administration says Sunshine Mills of Red Bay, Alabama, is calling back dog biscuits made with imported Chinese wheat gluten.

The dog biscuits were sold under Sunshine brands as well as private labels sold by grocery, mass merchant, and dollar stores. They were marketed at Wal-Mart under the Ol'Roy brand.

Testing shows the wheat gluten in the biscuits was contaminated with melamine, which is used to make plastics and other industrial products. Sunshine says it has no reports of dog illnesses or deaths.

Meanwhile, Menu Foods, which was involved in the original pet food recall, expanded its call-back to include a broader range of dates, and more varieties of the "cuts and gravy"-style products. The recall now applies to products made between November eighth and March sixth -- not just those made after December third.

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