New Mexico Residents Get Relief by Air

To help Union County residents trapped in their homes under heavy snow the New Mexico state police are reaching them by air. 

State police helicopters dropped off medical supplies to 8 homes in the area today. 

Most of those people including a heart patient were stuck inside their homes and were running low on prescription drugs they rely on to stay healthy.

A Union County extention agent was also on board the helicopter helping the police out of Santa Fe navigate the skies and get those drugs to specific locations. 

Lt. Pat Mooney of the NM state police says says it's all in days' work for state police; "We do a lot of search and rescue all the time and this is just another angle on search and rescue. We work for the tax payers of New Mexico and these are the citizens we are trying to help those that need the medical help. Then our helicopter that's what is there for."

As well as dropping medical supplies...just hours ago the helicopter did a survey of the land for the county helping to pinpoint just what areas were hardest hit by the storm
Clayton City Manager Mike Running is coordinating operations out of Clayton airport.

He tells us two blackhawk helicopters will take over the medical delivery for the state police tomorrow.