Black Friday

The holiday shopping rush is on, and people are braving long lines to get their hands on Black Friday bargains.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin braved the madness to find out how shoppers are feeling after a day of hunting.
Long lines... 
Long receipts... 
Tons of people... Out hunting for Black Friday bargains. 
Shocking for some shoppers... But others wouldn't have it any other way.

Kimberly Johnson is visiting from Nebraska-she couldn't believe this scene; "Oh my gosh its crazy its absolutely crazy...I stood in line at one store and decided it wasn't worth standing there and I left.

When we met up with Becky Anderson, she was going on hour 23... And wasn't even finished.

She started camping out at 2:30 Thursday afternoon, and wasn't even the first in line. "We brought sleeping bags chairs our coolers and cokes and just tried to keep warm."

And for retailers... the frenzy kept them hard at work.
Travis Jester works at Dillards;"Everybodys constantly putting things up and our dressing rooms are constantly full of clothes."

By the afternoon, Dillards had already racked up 18-thousand dollars worth of sales in the mens department alone. And they expect their numbers to jump way higher than last years.

All in all, a good day... No matter if you like the madness or not.