Good News with Doppler Dave: Friends of Fogelberg helps keep area healthy

Good News with Doppler Dave: Friends of Fogelberg helps keep area healthy

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - It has been more than 10 years now since we lost musician Dan Fogelberg to prostate cancer.

While the legacy of his music still lives on, there is also a mission to save other lives through his memory, thanks to the efforts of a local group.

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The Friends of Fogelberg is a group that seeks to carry on the legacy of Dan Fogelberg's music while continuing the fight against prostate cancer.

"Whenever I learned that Dan Fogelberg died, Friends of Dan Fogelberg was actually born the next day," said Joe Ed Coffman, a member of the group. "The magic of this whole event has been that nobody has said no. So many people have gotten on bored, so many good people sponsors, and the musicians in our shows are just fantastic."

The fundraising event showcases a wonderful group of local artist in concert at the Amarillo Globe-News Center, paying tribute to Dan.

Joe Ed said the event keeps growing.

"This is Friends of Fogelberg 9 and we couldn't be more excited," he said. "Every year the concert gets bigger and better. We are calling this 'The Surprise Concerts.'"

The surprise is the set list: nobody knows quite what the musicians will be playing.

A special guest at this years event is Norbert Putnam, a true friend of Fogelberg who remembered his talent very well.

"He played all the instruments, he did all the harmonies, he did everything! He was a genius," said Putnam. "All the records I did with Dan, I played the bass part. I don't think anyone could believe that he was as good as he was at such a young age."

The event concludes Sept. 8 with a free PSA blood screening open to all men in the area.

"Being tested and early diagnosis is key to beating this disease," said Coffman.

He said that out of the over 250 men who came in last year for testing, 17 were flagged for possible cancer signs.

That means the work they do has a real impact in the area.

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