Good News with Doppler Dave: Smiling faces and singing hearts

Good News with Doppler Dave: Smiling faces and singing hearts

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - If there's anything I know about a Monday evening at the Harrington Assisted Living Center, it's this: the notes will be flying off the piano, and the house will be full of smiling faces.

"He is God given talent," said Ruby Lucas, a resident at The Harrington. "It is God given, it's beautiful."

Chaplain Kevin Clowe tickles the ivory each Monday and creates an atmosphere of fun and nostalgia for the residents.

'"Man, it's a highlight," Kevin shares. "It starts the week off great for me. These folks are wonderful. The joy that I get to participate with them, bringing them music they can relate to."

What is it about music that engages the soul and brings back memories of good times?

"Kevin plays some of our favorite music that we skated to," Ruby pointed out. "You know, we could get to going on those skates!"

"It's pleasant to listen to," added resident Elaine Mitchell. "It's not noise, which is different."

Clowe said the experience is just as meaningful for him.

"It's such a wonderful thing for me to get to help them connect with the times in their past," he said.

As is so evident on all the faces in the room, in our golden years, music just stirs a special kind of joy.

"What does it do for me?," resident J.T. Lucas asked. "I guess it lifts me up a little bit. It just makes us happy to hear him."

Other residents agreed.

"It makes you forget about anything else that might be going on," explained resident Betty Sharp. "You just hum a song and go along like you have no sense."

The songs make Monday nights a thing to look forward to each week for the people in the home.

"I don't know, we go around with a song in our hearts on Monday night," said resident Mitch Mitchell. "We whistle and reminisce about what all he has done in the last few hours."

Music is one of those good things of life and, in your golden years, it provides fellowship that puts a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

Now that's some good news.

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