Countdown to Kickoff: Randall Raiders

Countdown to Kickoff: Randall Raiders
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The Randall Raiders felt that they finished last season a stronger, better team. With their first game of this fall coming up on Friday night, they want to keep the momentum going.

"We really just got better as the year went on, we're looking for that same thing this year, getting better week after week, said head coach Gaylon Selman. "It carried on into the offseason last year and into the preseason right now. They've been working hard and having fun, and its a bunch of good young men I'm working with."

Selman sees the true potential in the group.

"We got some guys that have the capability, and we got some younger guys too-some sophomores coming up, that we're hopefully depending on to come through for us," said Selman.

The team is relying on their seniors to get the young guys up to speed, and senior right tackle Kendall Ptacnik has a plan to keep the team's progress moving forward.

"Tell them what I learned from my mistakes, for sure," said Ptacnik.

Randall was also a young team last year, and players like Tavian Combs, who have that year of varsity experience, want to step up as well.

"Last year I was in the background just following everybody else, what they did," explained Combs. "This year I'm trying to help my team improve and lead them."

Based on how the preseason has gone, he thinks things are looking up.

"We can build chemistry fast, and during the game with Pampa, we started to get each other down and go through the game real easy," said Combs. "In the end, we knew what we were doing."

There's a shared belief at camp that it's all coming together for the Raiders, and that there's a few things opponents should look out for.

"How hard we're gonna go," expressed Ptacnik. "It should be fast, and the intensity should be really high."

But Coach knows that aside from hard work and skill, Randall's squad has the most important quality of all.

"They are a team," said Selman. "They're not worried about just one thing. We're worried about everybody, and grow off that as a family."

Randall opens up on Friday at Midland.

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