Countdown to Kickoff: Tascosa Rebels

Countdown to Kickoff:Tascosa Rebels

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - After missing the playoffs last season, this year's Tascosa Rebels are learning from their mistakes.

"I think selfishness was a big factor last year. We had a lot of selfishness on the team last year and i think that was a big factor in why we didn't make the playoffs but we wont let that happen this year. I wont let that happen this year.", said senior defensive back Brandon White. "So we've just been coming to practice everyday, being on time, and we're going to keep doing what we do best and we'll be just fine."

Head coach Ken Plunk wants this year's squad to finish every phase of the season.

"I think we did a lot of things well, the first five games of the year we played extremely well. I don't think we finished the season very well .", said Coach Plunk. "Offensively, we played eight of the ten games real well and defensively about six of the ten. We did not function as well against tempo offenses and that's some of the things we addressed in the off season."

King Doerue and Brandon White have been two of the Rebels standouts in the college recruiting world this off season but they aren't the only weapons Tascosa has in their bag of tricks.

"We've got a lot of weapons on this team, Joseph Plunk, Taylor, we've got a lot of weapons.", said Doerue. "If someone tries to game plan against me and Brandon then they're going to step up and do their job. I think we've set a standard for more and more kids to be recruited and go to the next level."

For Doerue, being one of the top recruits in the country comes second to leading his team back to the playoffs.

"Honestly I don't really pay attention to that stuff, I just play the game to my max potential.", said Doerue. "With my experience I've gotten better each and every year. I've started getting more comfortable on the field the older I get so I feel like I can do better this year."

One of the Rebels strengths this year will be their depth, especially with players having the ability to play both sides of the ball.

"Generally speaking we're going to start on one side of the ball. We don't have anyone starting both sides of the ball necessarily.", said Coach Plunk. "Brandon is going to play the most of all the two way players but we do always back up with guys from the opposite side of the football. We just think that if it's the kind of depth we need, sometimes we'll do that."

"Of course I'll be a little bit fatigued but its all in here and I've got that. So I feel like I'll be just fine going out making sure my team is doing what they are supposed to on the defensive side because I'm the safety, I'm in control, and they cant do anything without me.", said White. "On the offensive side, I've played offense since I've been here so it won't be much different for me going and doing what I've been doing the past four years."

The Rebels quest to the playoff begin in a week one match up against the Abilene Eagles.

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