New life into an old building: The Loft Church prepares for move into former bar Midnight Rodeo

New life into an old building: The Loft Church prepares for move into former bar Midnight Rodeo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Splintered wood, cobwebs and cracked asphalt are much of what remains of the once-popular Amarillo spot, Midnight Rodeo.

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"We feel like there's a great opportunity, there's a great redemption story there and so many people have gone into that building, that location, now they can go there and have some great, positive things," said Matt Johnson, pastor at The Loft Church.

The church is currently located in a small plaza near Georgia and 34th and was looking for a larger location to move into.

"When Midnight Rodeo closed, my phone blew up that day," said Johnson. "It's very hard to find a big location with a big enough parking spot and square footage, so it was attractive to us."

Closed for nearly a year, there is much work to be done inside.

"The top of the renovations that we're going to have at the new facility is just about everything," said Richard Sims, an elder at The Loft Church. "It's an older building, there's lots of issues with the building and we know about those issues so it's going to take quite a bit of work to get that up and running the way we want it to."

Church leaders say members of the congregation have stepped forward to help with the work ahead.

"Everything's kind of in-house in our church but we do have architects that go to our church who have connections with engineers, we have contractors that go to our church, we have subcontractors that go to our church so we have a really good base of people that we're pulling from," said Sims.

The church hopes to complete the work and begin services sometime early next year.

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"One good thing about the rodeo building is it was the Midnight Rodeo for over 20 years and it served its purpose as that and now we're going to come in and make it a lighthouse, a church in that community, and we want to have great purpose with that also," said Sims.

A new lighthouse guiding that community, hopefully, for years to come.

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