Our Perspective on the Texas Tech Chancellor and proposed Veterinary school

Our Perspective on the Texas Tech Chancellor and proposed Veterinary school
Published: Aug. 21, 2018 at 2:44 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 21, 2018 at 3:40 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Texas Tech Chancellor is a hot topic right now.

Monday, the board of regents named Dr. Tedd Mitchell interim Chancellor of Texas Tech, following the retirement of Robert Duncan last week.

In the past, Dr. Mitchell has been a supporter of the proposed Texas Tech Veterinary School. We look forward to his continued support even though there is a fire storm of controversy around Chancellor Duncan's resignation and the pressure he was under for his support of the Vet school.

When TTUHSC was founded, its primary mission was to bring more health care providers to West Texas and to provide health care services to an underserved region and population that provides food, fiber and fuel for the world. In honoring this promise, we are now making a global impact. TTU shares this principle and vision for addressing the needs of the agricultural industry, and we are a natural fit to help transform veterinary medicine education.

- Tedd L. Mitchell, TTUHSC president.

Source: texastech.edu

The political power play rumors around this project go high in the ranks to stop this project from happening.

They range from the Board of Regents, to A&M Chancellor Sharp, all the way up to Governor Abbott and former Governor Rick Perry all being rumored to want this Vet school project to go away and leave A&M with the only Vet school in Texas.

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We live in the political world with big decisions and big money in play. I stand behind my earlier comments in May. Amarillo, Lubbock and Texas Tech need this Vet school. The need is real, the demand for graduates is real and the opportunity for our area to grow is real.

It is time for Amarillo and Lubbock to stand together and make this happen. It's time to raise our voices and decide our future. We must tell our elected officials to support this, and we must chime in on social media to build confidence and support.

The money is committed from private investors and the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation for the building. The Regents issued a statement that they were still in favor of the project. This is a low risk /high gain opportunity. Funding this school is a great investment for our region. In a time where we encourage our kids to seek education, why not give them that opportunity locally in a specialty that will positively impact our entire region's future.

Leave your comments on Facebook, call your elected officials and get the word out. It will take all your support, so we don't get political bullied out of this opportunity.

Below is a document that shows the results of a survey that asked Amarillo residents if they support the proposed school of veterinary medicine. When asked if a Texas Tech school of veterinary medicine should open, results showed support across Amarillo.

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