Kane wins Coors Tournament of Champions

Kane wins Coors Tournament of Champions

The Coors Tournament of Champions wrapped up at Ross Rogers Golf Complex on Sunday.

Going into Sunday, Luke Kane sat atop the leader board with a -6.

After him was Derick Kelting was in second with a -4, and Jorey Knutson was close behind in third with a -3.

It all came down to the very last hole.

After the front nine, it looked like Kane had lost his edge. He gave up four shots to Kelting and six to Knutson on the front of the course.

Kelting had been climbing the ranks all weekend, and at one point was tied with Knutson for first, but after hole 16, Kelting had a two stroke lead over Knutson and a three stroke lead over Kane.

This is where everything went downhill for Kelting.

The last two holes on the course are Par 5s, and on the 17th hole, Derick Kelting teed off with a messy shot that landed in brush.

He was forced to re-shoot and take a two stroke penalty.

Knutson on the other hand, overshot the hole, and did not get it back on the green his first try.

That ended up being a missed opportunity.

Luke Kane took advantage, hitting a birdie on 17- and gaining all three strokes back on Kelting, tying it up going into hole 18.

Kelting's first shot landed him in the bunker, putting himself even more behind.

Knutson could not capitalize on the opportunity to gain some strokes on his opponents, but Luke Kane sunk a put for a second consecutive birdie, winning it for him.

Kelting went on to sink a close putt afterward, but it was not enough.

Kane came in first with a 280 overall, Derick Kelting in second with a 281, and Jorey Knutson right on their tails with a 282.

"It was a grind for me today. There was a few times I thought I was out of it, but I just tailed in there and made a couple key birdies at the end. I hate it for Derick, but its happened to me before, and its probably gonna happen again so its just one of those things," admitted Kane. "But it was definitely an emotional win."

In response to the wild ending, Kane could hardly believe the result either.

"Golf's just the weirdest game. But those two holes, both those Par 5s were huge. I mean Derick swung me 5 shots on those two holes," said Kane. "I'm just so thankful and glad. Its a great event and to be the champion finally after 11 tries, its pretty emotional. But I'm happy."

The Coors Tournament of Champions is sponsored by Reed Brewing and was held for the 25th time this year.

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