Canyon native wins a Wally at 2018 Dodge Mile High Race

Greg Lair takes home Wally Trophy in drag racing
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

When Greg Lair opened up his car dealership in Canyon, he knew his hobby of racing cars was about to take off.

"Car dealers and car racing kind of goes together," explained Lair. "So it got big when I could expense more of it, when I was in business for my own, and I had good employees that could take care of things when I wasn't here."

Lair had been racing since his childhood- just not always on the race track.

"I started out when I was street racing when I was a kid. When I got my driver's license, in Canyon, there was only two police officers on duty at the same time, so we used to do a lot of street racing down here," said Lair.

Now, he's a highly decorated NHRA drag racer,with three of the most prestigious trophy in his arsenal.

"These are national events, and they call them Wally's, because Wally Parks is the one that founded NHRA in 1950," explained Lair.

At 67 years old, he's not the person you would expect behind the wheel. But after winning a Wally for Top Sportsman in Denver on July 22nd, he's not thinking about his age at all.

"I don't feel that old. I mean, doing this, I guarantee when you let go of that clutch you forgot how old I am," said Lair. "I forget how old I am anyway, because this thing's fast."

A lot happens in that car during a short amount of time.

"When that RPM gets to that RPM, that light comes on, and when it gets to that light, you push the gear. So that's second, you wait for the RPM to come again, that's third, you wait for the RPM to come again, that's fourth, and you wait for the RPM to come again, that's fifth," demonstrated Lair. "That all happens in about 4.2 seconds."

Lair won alongside Don Thomas, another panhandle resident, just minutes apart.

"Up until then, there's only one person in the panhandle of Texas that's ever won one of these," explained Lair.

Even after the big win, Lair will be down at the dealership for now- awaiting the thrill of his next run.

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