Countdown to Kickoff: Claude Mustangs

Countdown to Kickoff: Claude Mustangs
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After hiring a new coach in the offseason and switching to six-man, Claude's football program looks very different this year.

"There are a lot of firsts around here- my first year as coach, my first year around six-man. Our kids are excited, and we're just building towards a positive future hopefully" said Claude's new head coach, John Moffett.

The town was not fully supportive of the change at first, but the support of the players was never in question.

"Those that were committed, they were committed," assured Moffett. "Talking to them, the talk of having to go to six-man, they were like, Coach we don't care, we just wanna play football."

So now, its a matter of learning how the game changes on a smaller scale.

"Its a different game. A lot faster, you don't really have to be much of a bigger team, it just relies on speed," explained junior Hayden Lepke.

But for the Mustangs' roster, that could be an advantage.

"I think we have 17 fast guys and two big guys. So I think it'll work out," said Lepke.

For some, the adjustment has been easier than others.

"It's been good, it's just been rough since I played lineman all my life," said senior Logan Campbell. "Now I'm having to learn receiver routes and different other positions that I've never even had a chance of knowing, but now I get to."

But that might just mean a lifelong lineman could be scoring touchdowns.

"Maybe one or two," laughed Campbell.

The town of Claude is ready for what this season may bring.

"The minute that change was made, everyone was like let's go get it, lets go get it, let's go get it," said Moffett. "I mean we're gonna be there, we're gonna support you. I think it was just that realization that this is where we're at and this is what's best for our kids."

The players are hopeful that it may finally be a winning season.

"Our past is- we've just lost, and never really won. But if we win this year i think we could change the tradition in Claude," said Lepke.

The Mustangs kick off their first six-man season at Patton Springs.

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