TX man announces city council run with surreal campaign video

TX man announces city council run with surreal campaign video

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - An Amarillo resident is setting his sights on a city council seat, and his unusual campaign video is gaining traction across social media.

Hayden Pedigo, an Amarillo musician and artist, announced his candidacy on Facebook on Aug. 5, with a campaign video that he said was inspired by the works of film director Harmony Korine.

The video features Pedigo wearing a suit and carrying a tape measure, which he uses to measure seemingly random things, such as sidewalks and drainage ditches over a distorted soundtrack.

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At the end of the video, Pedigo sets down a folding chair in the middle of a field, sets one foot on it, and says one of the only verbal portions of the video.

"My name is Hayden Pedigo. I'm running for City Council Place 2 in Amarillo, Texas. I believe that a lot of local small business owners out here are straight up getting bonked."

As of Saturday, the unusual announcement has garnered almost 40,000 views on Facebook and over 500 shares.

Pedigo said the response was surprising.

"I was surprised I would get that much attention for a city council bid video that I made on a cell phone," he said.

Although the video seems to poke fun at elements of other campaign videos, Pedigo said it wasn't intended to be a parody, but a representation of the city.

"I wouldn't call the video a parody of anything," he said. "It's just an Amarillo video."

He expressed doubt about actually winning the seat, but said his campaign is serious and Amarillo-focused.

"I have a lot of love and passion for Amarillo; I've lived my whole life here," said Pedigo. "I do think my chances are slim actually making it on the city council, but I still am passionate about the city and what goes on here."

Pedigo cited Amarillo road conditions, property taxes and city council procedures as focuses of his term if he is elected.

The next Amarillo general election is scheduled for May of 2019.

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