Good News with Doppler Dave: Memories in the wind

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - We live in one of the windiest locations in the entire country.

While the wind here is often relentless and impacts life in various ways, it can also be the source of unexpected blessings as we find in this installment of Good News With Doppler Dave.

Sidney Clark and his son found a balloon as they were cleaning their yard.

While it's not unusual to find a balloon in an Amarillo neighborhood, Sidney doesn't live in Amarillo, or even in Texas, but in a suburb of St. Louis, MO.

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It was what was attached to the found balloon that makes this story very interesting. Back in February, balloons were released in remembrance of Haley Sue Green, who lost her life as the result of a violent crime.

"She was a beautiful girl," recalls Holly Steele, one of Haley's good friends. "She was 22 years old, she just had everything to live for. Her life was tragically taken from us, you know. We did [balloons] for her birthday. We released them and I had tagged all of the balloons just to see if I would get one back."

Taken up by the crazy Panhandle wind and then into the jet stream, the balloon found its way to Olivette, Missouri - some 750 miles away.

Holly said she went through a range of emotions when she found out a balloon had been found.

"Overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited, surprised, you name it. They were all there, all the emotions were there," Holly shared. "It was an awesome feeling, just an awesome feeling to get a message back from her telling us that she is OK, that she is with God."

On the balloon Holly released, she wrote the words "If found please return," but she cherishes so much more the words that came back in a letter.

"Attached to it was the feather from an angel", Holly reads from the letter. "On this feather it said let my family know that I am with God Almighty and all is well. Haley Sue Green carried this balloon all the way to St. Lois, MO. Now I am sending the message back to you. Respectfully, Sidney Clark."

Those balloons were launched months ago right here from Medi-Park on a cold and brisk day.

They were launched into the blustery West Texas wind that can be relentless at times, and annoying and the source of a lot of complaining sometimes.

In this case, that wind carried away an expression of love and it brought back some joy and hope to some people that needed to hear it.

Now that's some good news.

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