Keeping Thomas Brown's name alive: people across the Panhandle meet to discuss case

PANHANDLE, TX (KFDA) - People across the Panhandle gathered this evening to discuss the case of missing Canadian teenager Thomas Brown.

Brown has been missing since November of 2016.

Tonight his mother, Penny Meek, along with family friends and community members met in Panhandle to share the latest on the case and answer any questions people may have.

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They also FaceTimed members of the Unfound Podcast, who recently did a feature on Brown's disappearance showing facts, a map and a new discovery on surveillance video from the night of his disappearance.

Meek says the goal is to keep Thomas' name alive.

"I think the goal of the meeting is just to be supportive and to keep Thomas' name out in the forefront," said Meek. "So we appreciate any news media that we get. Just keep his name out there and keep it fresh on everybody's mind."

On the other hand, attendees like Chandra Young hope it brings new information to the investigation.

"Some people may see something that says 'oh yes, I was there at that time and I forgot about it' or 'that's my car, yes that's my car in the video' and come forward," said Young. "Also we want to put a lot of pressure on those people who know something. Somebody knows something and they're not talking and we want to keep that out there in the media. You know our prayers are that somebody comes forward because somebody knows something."

Meek encourages those who would like to be involved in the case to listen to the Unfound Podcast or support the Thomas Brown Scholarship Fund.

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