A history of Fritch, Texas

A history of Fritch, Texas
Published: Jul. 25, 2018 at 4:00 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 25, 2018 at 11:31 AM CDT
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FRITCH, TX (KFDA) - The city of Fritch is a pleasant town that first received its start when big business came to town.

Despite the influence of big business, the town retained it's down-to-earth and comfy feeling.

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The beginning for the City of Fritch started like many other small towns, it rode in on the railway.

"Fritch, Texas was started in 1924," said Fritch Museum Director Stephanie Davidson. "Fred Fritch, the vice-president of the rock island railway in Chicago, bought the right of way in Fritch. Rock Island Railway ran from Chicago down through Texas, and all the way over to California. It was the biggest train company that carried the most amount of wheat."

The railway dream did not last forever though, and by the mid 1970s it had been removed.

However, the construction of the Lake Meredith dam 10 years previous was providing economic stability.

"The population grew a whole lot because of the dam being placed in 1962," said Davidson. "The dam was completed in 1965. At that point, the population went up to [more than] 2,000 people."

Once the dam was completed, Lake Meredith created all kinds of economic boom.

"We actually had boat houses out at the lake, the bait shop," said Davidson. "[There are] additional jobs, additional businesses because of the lake and people traveling here to visit our national park, which is free."

Fritch is unique as it is home to a Lake Meredith Recreational Area and Alibates National Park.

Visitors to Lake Meredith are also providing with plenty of fish and water-based activities.

"The fishing continues to bloom out here," said Owner of Wright-On Bait & Tackle Dave Wright. "With the walleye, the croppy, now the large mouthed bass, the catfish have taken off. They've stocked walleye, several million over the last three years. And those that were originally stocked three years ago have grown to a really nice size fish."

Just like with every town, Fritch's history is filled with hardships.

The town has faced both administration problems and natural disasters. A tornado in 1992 and a fire in 2014 are responsible for destroying several homes.

Still, the town lives on strong

As Lake Meredith continues to recuperate, more and more visitors are driven to town.

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