Heal The City Free Clinic opens newly renovated space

Updated: Jul. 7, 2018 at 9:12 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - From a small house on Tennessee St. to a re-purposed gymnasium, Heal The City has operated with limited space and resources over the last few years.

Now located on Carolina St. at the old Amarillo Community Center, they say these new renovations will allow them to finally function as a genuine clinic.

Heal The City founder, Dr. Alan Keister, said they've outgrown operating from temporary locations with only curtains and partitions to separate patients and are glad to finally settle into their own space.

"We have real clinic doors, real clinic walls and patients are able to receive their care with more dignity and more respect than ever before," he said.

The new space includes 10 exams rooms, a dental suite, an onsite pharmacy and pharmacist and much more.

Keister said this is only phase one of the clinic's renovations.

"We have two more phases that we are going to continue to renovate," he said. "One will be more of a waiting area, children's room and offices and the other side, the final side is going to be renovated into a wellness center, so it'll have a walking track, it'll have classrooms, it'll have exercise equipment and it's really going to be a great facility for us to be able to provide comprehensive care for our patients."

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The clinic compares it's overall growth to the growth and improvement of the patients they've served over the years.

"We take some of these patients that have some of these bad habits or bad decisions, bad choices that they have made and we're getting to help them make good decisions about taking care of their health, taking ownership of their health," said Keister.

Heal The City Board President, Steve Rogers, believes acquiring a permanent space will be beneficial to the large number of uninsured clients that visit the clinic regularly.

"Our patients are basically invisible to the broader culture," he said. "We're able to provide a service here that is high quality, is the equal to any clinic anywhere, the facilities are the equal, the care is the equal, but more than that they are treated with dignity that they can't find anywhere else."

The clinic wants to thank the community for supporting them and helping them get to where they are now.

"We had an idea of what we would have and this so far exceeds what we had anticipated," said Rogers. "The community has been so generous and so respectful and so interested in what we do that we are thankful for that. It's allowed us to do much more than we ever thought."

Heal The City's new clinic space will officially open to all patients on Monday, Jul. 9.

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