On a mission: Faith City Mission gives new purpose to former hospice building

On a mission: Faith City Mission gives new purpose to former hospice building
Faith City Mission will move into the former BSA Hospice building

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Near the corner of NW 6th Avenue and North Tyler Street sits a building of new beginnings -- both for Faith City Mission and the people they serve.

"This improves the quality of life for our clients," said Jena Taylor, Executive Director of Faith City Mission. "To be given this opportunity is unbelievable. It's a blessing."

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With last year's gift of the old BSA Hospice building, Faith City is preparing to begin renovations on it.

"The architects actually turned in all of the working plans today, isn't that so exciting, and will now go out to bid," said Taylor. "Southwest Contractor with Gary Purser is our contractor and they're waiting to start moving dirt and make these renovations so we can move in."

That dirt could be moved soon.

"With the bids, we can expect some renovations going on here within the next couple of months," said Raymond Gonzales, Outreach Director of the Benevolence program at Faith City.

Walls will be knocked down in order to expand the lobby, chapel and dining area. They will also install an industrial kitchen to keep up with meal needs.

What once served as patient rooms will now contain dormitories, providing beds for men and women in each wing, increasing the overall bed spaces they can offer people.

A special new feature coming with the building is fenced in courtyards to serve as a safe space for fresh air.

"Things that you and I take for granted are our own backyards. They don't have that. They usually have a piece of concrete on the side of a dumpster," said Gonzales. "Right here, they can easily sit down. As you look behind us, there are chairs, places for them to sit, just to rest, and not only rest, but from there, they can go into their dorms and have a place to sleep."

The old hospice building is still in good condition, but renovations are needed in order to expand those target areas for the mission.

"Right now, we're in a capital campaign to raise the funds to actually be able to renovate the building and it doesn't need a lot of work. It really doesn't," said Taylor. "But these three areas, absolutely, that's our DNA. We feed, clothe and house the homeless and so that DNA has to fit and go with us over there."

With the new building and move, they can continue that mission.

At this time, Faith City Mission does not have a concrete date set for renovations to begin. They hope to have the project completed in about a year.

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