Our Perspective on honoring and respecting our military personnel

Our Perspective on honoring and respecting our military personnel
Updated: May. 29, 2018 at 4:31 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - I hope you enjoyed Memorial Day this Monday.

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This is normally a time to take off work, spend time with family, and most of all reflect back and be thankful for the Veterans who have fought for our freedoms in these United States.

This recognition started soon after the Civil War, as our country memorialized the losses of life on both the Confederate and Union sides of the conflict.

Today it is fully extended to the memory of all those that have died in service to the U.S. military.

When someone has not served, it can be difficult to understand the sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families. These tours of duty can be extended time away from family, physically and emotionally draining and devastating to those whose loved one gave all for our freedoms.

We can debate the battles they fight, the purpose of certain things and many other circumstances around how our military is used across the world or on our own soil, but remember, these men and women have lost their lives while defending our ability to have these debates.

Consider this Perspective: Our military personnel deserve the same respect we expect to receive from others. They have made choices in their lives to serve our country and, in essence, serve all of us.

I think we should communicate and show our sincere thanks for those whom we have lost and their families, as well as the ones who have put themselves in harm's way. They have made sacrifices and experienced hardships we may never understand.

In today's world there is much conflict as we all struggle to understand the people around us. It is important to listen and learn from each other as we seek to understand, instead of seek to judge.

We would love to get your feedback. Share your Perspective.

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