Good News with Doppler Dave: Spending a night in a shack

Good News with Doppler Dave: Spending a night in a shack

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - You know, there's a lot of thought about college kids today.

You hear things like, "Well they're just interested in themselves; they just want to party."

I met some college kids who are doing things a little differently.

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I took a trip to West Texas A&M University to meet some students who left their creature comforts for a night to raise awareness of poverty.

The event is called Shack-a-thon, where students build several tiny shacks on the WTAMU campus grounds.

I met Cristina and Juliet, a couple of young ladies who filled me in on what exactly Shack-a-thon entails.

"Tonight I'm going to stay in here in the shack. I brought some sleeping bags and some pillows and a blanket and I'm going to hope for the best," said Cristina. "I mean, I don't quite know what's going to happen tonight, but I think it's not going to be too bad."

Why in the world would these students be sleeping in shacks and shanties?

"Just to get the experience, to see how 3rd world countries live," said Juliet.

Cristina and Juliet gave me a tour of their shack and told me what they hope to accomplish through Shack-a-thon.

The event seeks to buy goats for people in Africa, who can use the goats for meat and milk.

Recipients can also sell the goats to help supplement their income.

The morning after the students slept in their shacks, I checked back in with them to see how their night had gone.

"It went really well!" said Cristina. "The wind died down and it was pretty cool!"

Like anybody who does good for others, the students took away just as much as they gave.

"It's actually pretty humbling because like you said, we usually wake up in a warm bed, or warm apartment, warm dorm room," said Cristina. "A lot of people don't have that luxury and it's really important that we understand that and that we can give to those people who don't have that."

My wife and I have sponsored kids in Kenya that we've had for many years and we know first-hand stories of villages and family that have been sustained by efforts like this right here at WT.

You know you can learn a lot at college, but kids here at Shack-a-thon are learning more than what they get out of books and lectures.

They're learning that when they unselfishly give to a cause and join forces, they can change lives all over the world, and that's good news!

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