Perspective: Additional ways to get NewsChannel 10

Perspective: Additional ways to get NewsChannel 10
Updated: Apr. 3, 2018 at 4:11 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Last week I talked about the how TV is still free over the air with an antenna.

From your response, many of you still appreciate this Free service. In a follow-up, this week I'm diving into additional ways you can get NewsChannel10, but first let me set the stage.

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We can do one of two things in our media world.

  1. We can create our own distribution path to you, like TV for Free,, and our own apps that are on the market.
  2. We can partner with distribution partners like Cable, Dish, Direct TV and now a new wave of online streaming services.

In the partnership world, we provide the signal and then the partner manages the details and relationship with you. Some paid by you and some for no charge.

Here are a few examples:

Maybe you use or have heard of Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but did you know you can get NewsChannel10 through streaming devices. If you are using technology like ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, you can download additional channels or Apps as they call them. Once you download them, you can play that content on your TV. NewsChannel 10 has channels  on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV that you can download today.

Other ways you can get our programming are through paid Apps like CBS All Access, DirectTV Now and PlayStation VUE. These systems have some limits, but they are alternatives that are gaining traction across the country.

Today's Perspective is: Viewing options are increasing and our distribution to you is expanding to meet you where and when you want to watch NewsChannel 10. These methods work differently and may be foreign at first, but as a famous quote reads, "Change is constant" and that is certainly true in today's world.

How are you adopting these new technologies? Tell us your perspectives

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