Our Perspective on getting local channels for free

Updated: Mar. 27, 2018 at 3:03 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Were you aware that you can get local channels for FREE. This may sound silly to some, but national estimates say that more than 30 percent of people thought the FREE over the air TV went away in 2009 when Digital TV rolled out.

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In a time of constant change, I wanted to remind you that we are still here and available for FREE on your digital TVs with a simple device we called Rabbit ears in the past. A simple version of these can cost you as little as $12 one time only. In the Amarillo area you can get 14 – 22 channels when you connect an antenna and scan your TV for channels.

Here are key things to remember:

1.     There are big and little antennas. You may have to experiment with which one works for you. If you live close to Amarillo, don't get an amplified antenna. And the Analog antenna still works too, no need for a HD antenna.

2.     Place the antenna high.

3.     Point the Antenna towards the broadcast towers. All Amarillo television station towers are just North of town.

4.     Minimize interference between the antenna and the towers.

5.     The further you are away from Amarillo the larger the antenna you may need even including the potential of needing an outside antenna.

There are many options available on whatever budget you may have.  Today's Perspective is that sometimes as things change we need a reminder of how things stay the same. Local broadcasters are proud to provide our programming to you through many different delivery methods including a FREE option that can be used at any time.

We are proud to serve our communities with local news, weather, sports and quality programming. Thanks for your viewing, however you choose to get our programming.

What is your Perspective or preference on how you get your TV channels?

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