AAM&W: Stop throwing away your pets

Tumbler / Source: AAM&W
Tumbler / Source: AAM&W
Updated: Mar. 2, 2018 at 9:54 PM CST
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Tumbler's new family / Source: KFDA
Tumbler's new family / Source: KFDA
Puppy thrown in dumpster / Source: KFDA
Puppy thrown in dumpster / Source: KFDA
Puppy thrown in dumpster / Source: KFDA
Puppy thrown in dumpster / Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - It's a tale of two dumpsters -- four puppies left to die in garbage.

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare says the moral of the story is 'stop throwing away your pets.'

Three weeks ago, Tumbler was thrown away in an Amarillo dumpster and crushed with the rest of the trash. Luckily, he was discovered by City of Amarillo Solid Waste Department employees.

"The amazing staff saw the puppy, grabbed the puppy and got us involved," said AAM&W Shelter Director Richard Havens. "Luckily, puppies are pretty resilient so he didn't have any broken bones. But he did have a severe upper respiratory issue. We were able to treat him and locate some amazing adopters for him."

Friday morning, Tumbler met his new family who promises to love him forever. The Robinsons said they are thrilled to welcome Tumbler into their family.

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"He's just very loving and very sweet," said Sara Robinson. "My daughter took to him right away and I thought he would be a very good family dog for us and for our kids. It just really made me sad that someone would discard him like that. He's obviously a fighter, so I thought he needed a good home."

When Tumbler first arrived at the shelter, donations totaling over $3,000 poured in from the community to help him recover.

"Now all that money has been set aside in a special fund that will go towards helping any future animals that have extraordinary circumstances and need extraordinary care," said Havens. "We are truly grateful to the citizens of our community for stepping forward to support Tumbler."

Tumbler's story isn't unique. Just this week, three more puppies were found inside a dumpster.

"And one of them had been scalped," said Havens. "Now, that puppy has been euthanized. That was the most humane thing for that puppy. The other two puppies are being rehabilitated and did not sustain any injuries other than being sick and extremely wormy."

The two surviving siblings are in the process of being dewormed. They will be ready for adoption next Tuesday through the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society.

AAM&W hopes they can find loving homes just like Tumbler.

"If you have a puppy you can't take care of, there's the humane society and there's shelters around. Don't throw them in the trash," pleaded Robinson. "You can always drop them off, even at the pound. At least give them a chance to be adopted by a family that loves them."

"If citizens need help, call. Call and see if we can help you before it becomes a criminal case," added Havens.

AAM&W does not charge a surrender fee. Havens urges residents to bring animals to the shelter or other rescue groups before dumping them anywhere else.

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